If you are looking for clarity, an honest answer, and someone who can channel your energy, nice to meet you! love, relationships, general guidance. How are you today?


I have always been the witch among my family and friends, since very young I found a profound interest in everything that is occult, I always had it easy sensing peoples energies and their intentions, their wounds, and their ways of seeing life. rnWhile this was all very natural for me, my family was always a little bit superstitious, so it wasnt until two years ago when I decided to leave all fear and immerse myself deeply into the world of the Tarot. rnrnI want to grow, learn, and help others as much as I can, I have found that with every reading I can also see aspects of my life through a different lens.


I have over two years of experience utilizing Tarot cards and the pendulum to assist my friends, family, and clients. I am also familiar with Astrology and energy work. I am very happy and proud to say that I can help others find clarity and peace, I always focus my readings on the current energies and blocks that my clients might have, while also being 100% truthful about what I say. I have studied different types of readings, although most of the time I use my cards intuitively giving an intention to each one of them. I use Rider-Waite cards as well as the Thoth Tarot


English, Spanish