Alexis Moon

Tarots Reader Alexis. 6th Generation of Greek psychics. Expert in love, returns, twinsouls, friendships, work and business. Looking for answers? Doubts? Confirmations? Suspects? My tarots are ready for clarify all!!


I am part of the 6th dynasty of fortune tellers and psychics from my grandmother Katherina, a famous Greek medium from Athens. rnFrom an early age thanks to my grandmother, I started using tarot cards. Over time I have developed and amplified my skills. Today my tarot cards are part of me. Wherever I am. Ready to be used and give the best answers and advices to my clients. I use a lot of several tarots deck during my readings. Also I use a magical pendulum given and gifted from my grandmother Katherina for a very specific and detail reading.


Over 11 years of experience in cartomancy, tarots reading, sibyls and runes. Rituals of love, returns and white and green magic. Over 10000 reading in all this years made by my all over international clients. 🌈LGBTQ-friendly and very welcome!!


English, Italian