Digital Mystic

If you need to gain clarity on your situation and understand your psychological and emotional world, I can help you find the answers with the help of the Tarot!


Since 2018 my focus has been healing by helping others work with their mind to establish patterns, access their own wisdom and trusting their guidance system. While I can use a variety of modalities in a session, I mainly rely on my empathic and intuitive abilities to understand what a client may be facing. rnrnI often use the tarot to help the client understand their situation on a psychological level. I find that when the client is given space to express what they are feeling, they find a solution while at the same time understand feelings that they didnt know they were feeling or understand before. Predictions can form part of the reading but my focus is doing the Great Work to help others heal so they can intuit their own future.


I have been empathic for as long as I can remember and had profound experiences with psychic phenomena from a very young age. Around 10 years ago I became a student of Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga which had a deeper effect on my empathic and psychic abilities. rnrnAfter practicing for a few years, I became involved in healing modalities and achieved Master/Teacher level in Reiki & Seichem. This led me into psychic mediumship where I spent four years practicing and studying (including Tarot, Oracle cards, scrying, tea leaf readings etc). rnrnI have also studied and practiced Vedic Astrology under David Frawley and other renowned astrologers. Currently, I am researching and practicing Kabbalah.