Clairvoyant Empath and Energy Reader. No tools. I am able to tap in to my spiritual guides and get answers by seeing, hearing and feeling messages about people and situations.


Being born an empath with extreme intuition, I’ve been using my gifts all my life. I am able to help you see how other people feel, how they see the situation and how best to work with them in order to achieve the most beneficial outcome. This is true for love, career or any type of relationship. I can see within the individual and I look at things that are hidden but also those that seem to be obvious. All questions have answers thats why your problems can be solved. I identify definite directions and possibilities to pursue. I interpret motives and desires. I look beyond the surface and I see why people do the things they do. I see the real intention versus the obvious, which may or may not be always true. I am unable to read on legal or health questions and these include questions on pregnancy. While I know not everyone will be ready to hear what I have to say, I will never sugar coat something or give you fairy tales.


Clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient from birth I have helped thousands of clients online and in person professionally.







now what I wanted to hear, but we'll see


he's very good and honest


I highly recommend him. His predictions are so accurate and remedies are so easy and effective.


reading overall just wish I coulda got some more detail from some questions asked.


Awesome.. everything I needed to hear