Mariza Lotus

Soulmate checker, Tarot reader, Dream interpreter, Law of attraction coach, with over 20 years of experience. I instantly pick up the energies around you.


There are many life experiences - my own as well as others - to draw upon to help others through the good times as well as more difficult/crises times. I have personally experienced loss - as well as gains - on many levels and types of relationships, finances/jobs/careers. Through all the trials and tribulations in my life, I have discovered that usually when there is a loss of somekind, there is ultimately a gain for the better in the end. Sometimes people are experiencing "bad things" in their life, not because of anything they personally have done or not done but because of people choices in their life. It is not necessarily your karma, but the karma of someone else that your own life is intertwined with and the only thing you can do is "ride the waves" or cut your losses and move on.

Helping people out and getting them through some of the hurdles that life can bring is one of the biggest enjoyments of life for me. Sometimes this help comes as being able to "see the bigger picture" of what's going on in their life and the roll they are playing, sometimes it's a matter of giving a different perspective, sometimes it can be a matter of changing an attitude or approach to a situation that makes a difference of how it will end (evolve), other times - a shoulder to cry on.


I have been reading tarot cards for many, many years for my family, friends, co-workers and people I don't even know - from ALL walks of life. Along the way, I've dabbled at palmstry, numerology and Astrology. But, the tarot has been my mainstay because it can be related to several metaphysical areas. Many people say (and I tend to agree) that I am a perpetual student - sometimes teacher of the metaphysical realm.