Psychic Shalini

Psychic Advisor, Love specialist. Sees Past Present & Future. I am 99.9 % accurate.


Hi my name is Shalini and I am an intuitive psychic medium and clairvoyant and life coach if you are truly looking for help Im here to help you and guide you through all your problems readings for 20 years Experience I realize I have on a gift which would lead me on a journey I started touching the lives of others around the world I as I became a light worker I can empower others to finances they seek and love spiritually future I listen and share the details to steer you towards clarity closure and acceptance. Each of us hope to find a meeting in our experience in which for authentic unity those who are important to us that’s why am I in my readings I survive to find in our day-to-day experience I can offer insightful and over and is doing your reading with me most of my clients find me as accurate inspiring and supportive since I believe in the best of others Reading with me would leave you with joy and feeling understood understood app appreciate inspiring I can help you see the soul essence so you can look at things in a different perspective I opened all my psychic senses to provide ways for Guides, I am very accurate i get to the point and dont Sugar coat. I offer details Time frames And solutions. I will let you know how they feel and think and what to expect. Find out who is your soulmate. Psychic readings to me is a personal connecting between this world and the spiritual world the benefits to me is making a true positive connection for visions so i am able to help guide and lead in the right path. How i prepare for a reading, the first thing i do in the morning is go into a deep meditation to renew my spirit and connect with my self and spirit guides. How I connect with callers, I am able to pick up on the callers energy Through voice vibrations or name and date of birth.


I have 20 years experience .I am a spiritual reader medium clairvoyant Tara card chakra balancing soulmate and love readings My readings are very honest and accurate I get right to the point I’m here to guide you And see you through all matters of life Contact me today for a better tomorrow I am born with my gift this is not my job this is my life,.I have helped many people to follow their dreams and manifest their goals into reality while helping them to gain further courage and strength in their lives.I will provide a space where the focus is fully on you. Your life, your dreams, your goals, your struggles, and your concerns.I will listen without judgment. Stop feeling like your the only one in this very hard world we all live in. Let me help you see life for the better!I will put you on the right path and help you see a better tomorrow! And will give you only the truth that you need to hear not what you want to hear.I specialize in all types of readings Tarot card readings, Love readings, Aura readings,If you want to know the truth and find a solution to your problems then Chat with me for an honest Reading.