Coronavirus covid-19 psychic reading and predictions by Kassie Kai

Many of my clients message me and ask me about the new coronavirus and what is going to happen. Although for many reasons that I won't mention here, I generally avoid doing health readings, I understand that in challenging times like this, we need all the insight we can get. That's why I decided to do a reading regarding the new coronavirus and get Tarot's perspective.

I thought it would be interesting to do a traditional Past - Present - Future spread to check the general vibes and see how energies will play out with respect to time.  So here's what the energetic progression of the coronavirus looks like along with the many lessons it came to teach us.

Past: The Two of Cups reversed: Dissonance

Cups represent emotions and healing energy, while Twos always aim for balance by trying to maintain a harmonious flow between two conflicting or complementary energies. The Two of cups reversed points to a kind of energetic dissonance that threw things off balance and caused the appearance of this virus. A reversed Two shows a disruption of continuity and when interruption in the energy body happens, it manifests as change on the physical realm. Even our planet has an energy signature, which means that an energy shift would cause global events. Depending on circumstances, that’s not necessarily bad, but in this case, it definitely looks serious. The new coronavirus has challenged and will challenge our moods (cups), our interactions and the ways we connect to others (two of cups), the balance of our lives (two) and of course, our health and healing methods (cups, again).

The Two of Cups upright refers to one on one relationships, but reversed it implies that too many individuals participated in the manifestation of this incident, something that brings to mind the word “overpopulation”. Is it a coincidence it started in the most populated country in the world? At times, Nature uses defensive mechanisms of disrupting uncontrollable growth in order for its resources not to be depleted. Unfortunately – for us - one of those mechanisms is a disease that sometimes occurs when population exceeds the carrying capacity of its environment. Some believe that this virus was created in lab with a specific purpose, while the official theory is that it passed from animals to humans. Having this Two in my spread, I would say the truth lies somewhere in between.

A reversed Two calls our attention to the ways in which we throw our life off balance. The Two of Cups reversed in particular, points to those situations that compromise our health and our emotional equilibrium within our relationships. It points to how we are splitting ourselves between our good side and our bad side, not being able to dissolve this sense of dualism between right and wrong, not being able to find middle ground. This type of struggle is like a poison, not just to ourselves but also to others and even to our planet. From a spiritual point of view, the coronavirus may have come to help us resolve tensions of this kind, knowing that in times of crisis, before there's something to do, there's something to know, so that our actions come from a place of stability.

Present: Nine of Wands: Under Siege

Although there is no doubt that the Nine of Wands is a difficult card, as its energy puts our competence and our convictions to the test, I'm glad to have it in the present position, because first of all, it means that we are not in denial and that we now realize how serious things are. It also means that even if the situation is really challenging, we are doing well. We are striving to be more and more prepared and vigilant, as we are aware that the situation is still in the process of unfolding.

The Nine of Wands is a high energy card. It shows strength in opposition, as we appear to be 'under siege'. This is a war-like situation and we are being called to defend ourselves, our families and even our countries. And like in every battle, we have to be aware of our vulnerabilities and of our strengths. We need to take responsibility for our protection, but also to make good use of our strong points by educating ourselves and doing what's necessary for our safety. Awareness is one of our strong points now, because it gives us options and options mean power. After all, wands are associated with power and how we use it.

Like all Nines, this too points to vibrations with the energy signature of 'too much/too many', which means that unavoidably, a large number of people will have to deal with this disease, too much money will be spent or lost, too much effort will be made and so on. There will be an ongoing battle and at some point many of us will start feeling weary by the imposed limitations on our lifestyle and plans, but we are going to accept that a change in priorities is needed now, so that things can get back on track as soon as possible.

The Nine of wands indicates responsibility, not only to others but to ourselves as well. We have been hit hard and the fight is far from over, but Nines show that we are making progress and I expect that soon there will be a glimmer of hope that will help us hang in there for a little longer, until we start making real progress. This Nine is a card of endurance and perseverance and that means we are standing our ground and we are doing our best. Finally, the Nine of Wands points to self-protection, which means that during this process, we are learning how to take better care of ourselves.

The advice of the Nine of Wands is to keep it simple for now. Try to simplify your life, so that you preserve your precious energy. Nines represent the final stages of a phase, before Tens come and set the seal of how things will be after this episode. There is no doubt that things are heading to a climax, but we still need to be patient and refuse to be pushed backwards.

Future: Seven of Pentacles reversed: Time slowing down

The Seven of Pentacles reversed means that the virus is here to stay. The good news is that we'll know how to deal with it and we won't be at its mercy for too long. The Seven of Pentacles is the card of patience in Tarot and although it always suggests a slow process, at the same time it gives the message that things are ripening and eventually, our efforts are going to produce the desired results.

One thing is certain: the virus will force us to slow down and that's actually the message of the Seven of Pentacles reversed. There will be a decline in social and professional activity and as a result in economy and progress too, as we'll have to put things on hold for a while. That does not mean that life has to come to a halt. Even if the pace of our lives will be slower, we can still use this time in a creative manner. Isaac Newton came up with his famous laws of physics while he worked in isolation, when London was hit by the Great Plague. The lesson and the message of the Seven of Pentacles reversed is related to Time: Our personal time and how we use it (or waste it), how we perceive it, but also universal time in its many manifestations: life cycles, rites of passage, the staying power or the impermanence of things and how or where we place ourselves in the great scheme of things.

There will be delays in everything and for as long as we don't have the the cure, we are going to revisit the past and get inspiration and guidance from people that came before us and have dealt with challenges like this. For now it's best to be conservative and follow the trodden path. Eventually, we will be able to find a vaccine and we will be able to contain the spread of the disease -and seeing this Seven, I expect that to happen in 6-7 months from now- but it's clear that effort and patience will be needed. Unavoidably, we are going to experience what we need to experience and there seems to be some lessons we need to learn from this.

The Seven of Pentacles is associated with the great taskmaster, teacher and time lord Saturn in Taurus that forces us to grow and mature by giving us hard lessons in discipline through challenges, loss and limitations. The reversed Seven of Pentacles shows that we are going to learn to take things on a step-by-step/day-to-day basis, as Sevens in Tarot prepare us for the change that comes with Eights. This will actually be a period of transition and as such, it will also be a period of waiting, adjustments and uncertainty. Our relationships, our plans, our concepts will be tested. The day after the coronavirus will find us all changed on many levels.

The Seven of Pentacles upright is about being fully committed to carrying things through, no matter how much time it takes, no matter the complications. It's the ability and the foresight to plan and perceive the next step and the step after that. It’s about earning through loss, as time will take things away from us, but it will also make us conscious of things. In its reversed manifestation, this energy becomes even slower with many twists and turns. The Seven of Pentacles is an Earth card and a reversed earth card is like a planet with too much gravity. Trying to move fast now will make you more and more exhausted. Whatever we're deprived of has a tendency to become huge and to put us in such a state of compulsiveness that reality can become really distorted. And that's something that some will try to take advantage of. In uncertain times, we often prefer to go with the options that are comfortable but usually unsafe, but in this instance, it’s best that we go with what’s uncomfortable and safe. In retrospect, you will be able to see that the Seven of Pentacles reversed was an investment of time in Time itself. An investement of our present time for our Future.

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