How to cope with loneliness, anxiety and boredom during coronavirus outbreak

Aries: Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands is a high energy card that shows the purposeful direction of energy towards a specific goal. That means that you can use this time to achieve something that you have postponed in a while, but you are now able to pursue with all your energy and attention. Since this card represents targeted energy, it is especially beneficial for entrepreneurial, political, journalistic pursuits and everything that has to do with trends and the current affairs.

If you are into arts, you can get inspiration from the social trends by observing people, events and situations that move in the same direction.

The Eight of Wands is a card associated with traveling and although traveling is to be avoided now, you can use this time to plan your next trip so when the crisis is over, you can reward yourself for staying safe and healthy by taking a trip to a destination you always wanted and you may be surprised to see that those positive thoughts can can fill you with a sense of freedom, excitement and anticipation.

Wands are also associated with spiritual energy, so exploring spirituality will be beneficial for you at this time. The Eight of Wands urges you to say in the moment, to experience what you need to experience in order to raise your consciousness and to become more aware of what you can control but also of what you need to let go.

Aries you are lucky to have the Eight of Wands as your card, because even if there are now big delays on all levels and things are slowing down, you will feel a burst of energy so things that have been stalled in your life will gain new momentum.

The Eight of Wands is called the “Cupids Arrows”, meaning that you will enjoy spending time with your loved-one, as romance now can be passionate and intense.

On a more practical note, you can use this time to polish your CV and prepare applications to send out when things stabilize. The Eight of Wands is about knowing what you want and going for it with great focus.

The Eight of Wands is a card associated with foreign countries, that's why you can use this time to plan and organize to take your business into the overseas market or to expand on a national level. The swiftness that characterizes this card indicates that setting up an online shop will be faster and easier than you think and it will help you use your time in a productive way.

No matter what you decide to do, the Eight of Wands gives the promise that you will be carried away with the whole thing and you will feel energized and enthused. Just make sure that you stick to one task and don't waste your energy taking take on too many things all at the one time.

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Taurus: Eight of Pentacles

This is the time to master that skill you have by paying attention to details and focusing on doing things right. The Eight of Pentacles points to some sort of talent or skill, on which you have worked for a long period of time, but for one reason or another, you didn't get the chance to complete your training. Working with textiles, paper, glass or wood and putting the finishing touches in things that you've started before will be beneficial for your moods and your energy at this stage. All kind of crafts are favoured by this card.

Also, you can use this time in a productive way by taking online workshops on growing organic fruits and vegetables or learning how to make organic preserves. It will help you stay focused and busy, while it can also earn you some money in the long run.

You already know what you like and what you are good at, but now you have the opportunity to set your standards high and commit to it so that you become a master of your craft. You may even have the opportunity to teach others in the future, as the Eight of Pentacles is about sharing your knowledge and skills. If you feel that you are knowledgeable and qualified enough, why don't you make your own online workshops to teach and inspire others and help them polish their skills too?

The Eight of Pentacles is also associated with physical strength. Working out and building a stronger body will pay off now, not only because it will help you stay healthy, but it will also raise your vibration too.

This is a good time to organize long-range plans, especially when your usual everyday activities and obligations did not allow you to do so, due to lack of time. Plans associated with property, craftsmanship and mastery learning are all favoured by the Eight of Pentacles. The Eight of Pentacles is the application of your great ideas and it helps you work your way through creative blocks.

This is also a great time to properly maintain your personal possessions and create an ordered space that will allow you to enjoy greater productivity and efficiency.

Teaching your children a skill you possess can be both useful and fun and will keep you all busy in a productive manner. That can be anything from cooking to crafts and will help them stay concentrated.

The advice of the Eight of Pentacles is “when you don't know what to do, do something” and that will help you remain calm and grounded.

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Gemini: Five of Wands

Strange as it sounds, during the lockdown you may find your niche, you raison d’être through activities that get your adrenaline pumping. This is not necessarily about physical action, but it's about bringing novelty and stimulation into the situation by being fully engaged in high energy activities.

And yes, sports are favored too, as you can still do sports at home! Go on YouTube and choose the workout of your choice, explore Wii workout games, download that app that will help you remain fit and healthy while you are staying inside! If you have the space, training in martial arts is a great way to keep your body toned and will help you release stress and tension as well.

The Five of Wands does not have to be physical exercise necessarily. It can be any type of activity that will help you release pent up energy. Like for example computer games, card or board games you can play online or offline with other members of your family. Anything that promotes healthy competition is good for you and keeps your vibrations high.

Wands are cards of inspiration, which means that you can now bring yourself to a higher level of experience and productivity by listening to motivational speakers or reading inspirational authors. Online workshops can help you polish your skills and help you beat your own records. Don't forget that challenge and competition is the main aspect of this card.

Fives disrupt the balance of Fours, which means that Fives promote change. For example while you're staying home you can make your surroundings more aesthetically stimulating. If you need to re-imagine and re-organize something, you now have the time to do so. Paint that room (preferably a warm color, as this is a fire card) or rearrange the position of furniture. The internet is full of great ideas and tutorials.

When it comes to your business projects, you can use this time to engage in brainstorming sessions, especially if you need to move your project out of a rut. You can still work with your team online and you may be pleasantly surprised at the results you will produce. The Five of Wands is a fire card after all and its energy is to work through obstacles, to take on ambitious projects and to come up with brilliant and inspirational ideas.

The advice of the Five of Wands is to find an outlet for your creative energies, especially through group interactions and it urges you to remain involved, especially if you can find a larger cause, like some form of social activism that can now be practiced even on the internet.

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Cancer: Judgement

This is a good time time to practice a talent or skill that you know you have, but has been undeveloped or untrained. The Judgment represent a calling, so during this time, you will feel the urge to explore a particular way of life or career, different than the one you had before. This is a card that's strongly associated with the past and it points to activities, hobbies or studies we may had started in the past, but for one reason or another have been halted or blocked, but we now have the chance to complete.

The Judgment is one of the 'karmic' cards in Tarot and as such it favours spiritual practices, from prayer to meditation. The Judgment will give you the opportunity to do a life review and you may even be able to understand your true calling through the restricting situations of our time and eventually move towards a totally different direction once the crisis is over. A new direction that will give you opportunities for freedom, happiness and expansion.

Studies and activities that have to do with music, singing, composition are favored by this card. But even if you don't have the talent to compose music or sing, the Judgment shows that during this challenging time, music will be a consolation that will soothe your soul.

Often a flag with a red cross is depicted in this card and that represents healing and renewal. Given the spiritual nature of the Judgment, you can train yourself during this time in healing practices like Reiki, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Herbal Medicines and many more. There are thousands of sources on the internet that will give you the basics and you can also take online courses, from online educational platforms.

If you are looking for a way to calm stressful feelings and fears that often arise in times like this, you can emerge yourself in sound wave therapy, like binaural beats in the form of audio recordings or videos that you can easily find on YouTube.

The Judgement is card strongly associated with humanity issues, which means that this may be a time for you to fight for a worthy cause and perhaps influence others leading by example. Finding like-minded people, even if it has to be online, will help you remain grounded and will give you a sense of stability and belonging that's much needed during this time.

The Judgment is a card of transformation and that applies even to more common situations that require a more practical concept of transformation. That's why it can point to activities like make-up or cosplay, which are fun and can keep you busy too.

Since regeneration is a major aspect of this card, it would be good for you to find the sort of thing that have a regenerative effect on you, spiritually or physically. Make sure you get enough sleep, take good care of your body, calm your mind. Use this time as an opportunity to take a break and recoup.

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Leo: King of Cups

The King of Cups favours all things related to emotional healing and support. That's why this is a good time to explore methods that will help you heal emotional wounds and release anxiety, while at the same time they will help you relax. Reading psychology would be a good way to do so and also exploring techniques of emotional release like EFT - an alternative treatment for emotional distress.

The King of Cups is known to be very artistic! Arts like reading or writing poetry, painting or even studying color theory for your artistic projects will help you express your personal empowerment and growth. Kings are leaders and that means you can even inspire others through your artistic endeavors.

Cups are strong with intuition and this could be undoubtedly a great time to explore methods of divination, like Tarot, pendulum, runes or crystals. Tapping into your subconscious will help you make better decisions and will give creative inspiration. There are many courses online and great articles you can read to develop your psychic and spiritual side. Working with spiritual groups or following spiritual teachings will be particularly beneficial at this stage.

Cups are associated with drinks and drinking, so if you are into home brewing, you can now have some fun learning how to make home-made beer, wine or other beverages that you can enjoy with your family. Make sure you don't get too drunk!

The King of Cups likes to dress up and attend art events, but since that's not possible in the circumstances, you can now renew your garde-robe by doing some online shopping or you could even take an online course in sewing and try to make your own clothes.

Hues of green and blue -symbolizing Water- are the favorite colors of this King and interestingly enough blues and green are associated with calmness and relaxation- much needed during this time. Painting your walls in soft and neutral shades of green or blue will definitely help you relax and also spend your time in a creative way.

Cups are cards of healing, so you might find it interesting to delve into spiritual healing methods, like Holistic therapy, Reiki, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Crystal Healing. The King of Cups has a strong psychic nature and studying occult arts and metaphysical teachings are favored during this time.

The King of Cups is strongly influenced by the Water element and for that reason, he has an affinity for places that are near water. Even if you cannot go travelling at the moment, you can organize your next trip to an exotic sea destination, so that you have your plans ready once the crisis is over! Alternatively, if you live near water, you can find isolated places where you can go swimming, fishing, indulging in water activities.

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Virgo: Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is a card of physical pleasures and its energy is focused on manifesting happiness and abundance. Anything that brings improvement in our lifestyle is favored by this card.

You can start by making DIY home renovations to make every minute indoors more productive and satisfying. There are many website that will give you ideas on how to upgrade your space. You don't have to do changes that are complicated or take a long time. Start simple and then,if you feel confident, more to more complex projects.

The Nine of Cups is associated with indulging in eating and drinking, so here's an opportunity to go on YouTube and learn some new recipes you will enjoy alone or with your loved ones while stuck at home. Don't overdo it though! You don't want this expansive energy to put extra weight on you!

As Nines are always associated with 'me-time', use this period of isolation to develop your creative talents and do things that you always wanted to do, but you did not have the time. Cups are mostly associated with arts, but it can be any type of creative project.

The Nine of Cups is a card of self-care and pampering, You can make your own home spa that will help you relax while you are staying in. You can also make your own DIY organic cosmetics with products you have at home and who knows, maybe your hobby becomes a business later on!

This is a time for concentrating on your needs, on what makes you happy and even on what makes you look good, even if you stay indoors!

The Nine of Cups promotes activities that have to do with fun and entertainment, that's why games, especially those used as an educational tool are especially favored. This can be either online or offline, as games promote interaction with others and involve mental stimulation as well.

The Nine of Cups is a card of vitality and good health, that's why it's a good idea to adopt new habits that will help you feel stronger and healthier. Eating clean and working out will help you stay in shape and once the lockdown is over, you will feel proud of what you have achieved. Since Nines are cards for individuality, it's important that you do what feels right to you and to you only.

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Libra: Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is a card for growth and creation and that means this can be a particularly creative time for you, especially when it comes to plans of action, movement and expansion.

There is a project that you always wanted to develop but you either did not have the time or the energy to go ahead with it. You have taken the first steps already and now is the time to build powerful momentum that will help you materialize your plan.

The Three of Wands is associated with foreign lands and expansion, so if you want to expand your business online or overseas, this is the perfect time to plan your moves step by step. Receiving grants or support from others is particularly favored at this time and you will be surprised to see that you can now find allies and supporters even among those you least expect.

Alternatively if you have been thinking about relocating or emigrating, which is now blocked due to the global situation, the Three of Wands indicates that you can look beyond the immediate circumstances and plan ahead for when things will start moving again, so that you are prepared to act swiftly when the time comes. Laying the groundwork for your personal voyage prepares you for action when everything is in place.

The energy of the Three of Wands helps you develop long distance relationships, so now is a good time to reconnect with friends and relatives that live abroad or away from you, as we all have more time to rebuild relationships that are now geographically challenged. Building communication networks can be really important this time.

Activities related to trade and commerce are recommended during this time, so why don't you make that online shop you always wanted? New creative products, inventions and enterprises will keep you busy and will bring you profits!

Making plans on how to take your business overseas will allow you to expand into new territory, but first you may want to find the most suitable option for you venture, which means that it will be good to do some market research and even look on the internet for ideas, before you make a final decision.

Times of crisis always come with opportunity. You can spend your time creatively by seeking profitable investments that will keep you busy and will earn you some money too! Futuristic ventures is where your focus should be at this time.

The Three of Wands is about looking to the Future and symbolically, that means you can practice methods of divination that resonate with you, like Tarot, runes, Angel cards or you could just get valuable insights by mediating and using your third eye.

Putting energy into community work will be a good outlet too, even if it has to be online, due to restrictions. You can make an online group, dedicated to a common cause, be it an interesting business or service and you can work with others to develop it.

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Scorpio: Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is a passive, slow moving card and that's why you may feel like nothing exciting seems to be happening or that things are at a standstill. But actually, this Knight finds a purpose through work and his energy will help you work towards a financial or material goal.

You could develop a campaign that will allow you to accumulate funds for a particular cause. Through social media networks and fundraising websites, it's easy now to spread your message to large groups of people all over the world. Raising money for your startup through crowdfunding was never easier. The Knight of Pentacles will help you realize your creative projects if you are willing to make the necessary effort.

Pentacles are associated with the physical body, that's why getting active, even indoors, is absolutely essential. Work – out, dance, move your body or if you have access to isolated places, away from crowds, you can take a long walk in the countryside or by the beach. The energy of the Knight of Pentacles may slow you down considerably and that's why it's imperative to fight laziness and procrastination.

Taking on a second job will help you accumulate finances towards a specific goal you have in mind, be it to buy a new car, a house or just to go on holidays to an exotic destination once the outbreak is over. The internet if full of opportunities to make some extra money, provided that you are willing to use every skill you have, exploring even those skills that you never thought could bring you money. Did you know there are people that make a living by playing computer games?

The Knight of Pentacles promotes the need to apply routines in our life. We need 21 days to establish a positive change and this change can be associated with anything that the suit of Pentacles represents (health, work, money and the material world). Set up daily or weekly schedules and organize housework, gardening and exercise.

The Knight of Pentacles is very fond of order and wants to have everything planned and organized. Maybe it's time to declutter your home, to do some spring cleaning, to throw away things you don't need and repair those that are long broken. Make to-do lists, prioritize the most urgent matters and work through them patiently and thoroughly.

The Knight of Pentacles supports investments in property, security and land, so if your financial stage is solid, you may want to explore options and deals. If you were planning to build a home or renovate an existing one, you can use this time to make designs and plans.

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Sagittarius: Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is one of the cards associated with home and it's all about aesthetics and about making your place warm and comfortable.

This is a good time to declutter your home and you will immediately feel vibrations shifting and fresh energy comes into your home. Throw away dead plants, clean and find a place for everything. Mountains of stuff everywhere will make you feel overwhelmed, so it's time to tidy up and put some order – a cluttered home will make you feel unhappy and your home shows who you are as a person.

Decorate your walls with art! If you or a member of your family is artistic, you can use your own creations that have sentimental value too. If not, on the internet, you can find beautiful prints of high quality and in good prices. Buy online soft textiles with which you will dress your home to make it nice and cosy. Plants are known to reduce stress, so why don't you buy some low-maintenance houseplants to decorate your living room? Adding up extra light or softening up existent light -with the use of candles or dimmers- will add a nice amount of warmth in your place.

The Four of Wands is a card of beauty and that's why it suggests that you should take good care of yourself. You can make homemade cosmetics by experimenting with natural ingredients, from lemon juice to essential oils and make creams and lotions that will help you get smoother skin and softer hair. There are many websites where you can find recipes for beauty treatments at home and if you enjoy making homemade cosmetic, why don't you start a blog and share your knowledge with others? Alternatively, you can open an online store on one of the many platforms that sell and promote homemade items.

There are numerous websites and online learning platforms where you can learn all kinds of skills that will allow you to make yourself and your home look good. From learning how to make soap and candles to experimenting with organic skincare, you can use the benefits of online schools to become skilled in green beauty movement. They key is to give your personal style and taste in everything you do and with patience and perseverance you might even be able to make your hobby a career!

On the same note, hobbies like designing or sewing new clothes and jewelry are especially favored by the Four of Wands.. Experimenting with new hair styles, trends and colors will certainly keep you busy during this time. You can even take distance lessons and become a nail technician!

The Four of Wands also points to property matters, so if you have been too busy to take care of matters related to home or land, you will now have the time to get things sorted.

The Four of Wands represents a doorway that gives you access to a particular club, group or establishment and that's why it urges you to join an online university or to gain membership in group that you always wanted to join.

The advice of the Four of Wands is to claim your space. Physically, by making your physical space feel nice and welcoming, but also mentally, by taking time for yourself, by doing things you enjoy. Use this time to explore and give expression to your heart's desire.

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Capricorn: Hermit

The energy of the Hermit card is perfectly in tune with this time of social distancing, but that does not mean you have to feel lonely. The Hermit enjoys solitude because he is given the chance to take time and and reflect on life direction and life decisions.

Activities like meditation are especially favored during this time, as you come in contact with your Higher Self and your deeper needs. It's best that you slow down now and explore practices that will help you find your purpose in life.

Counselling, even from distance, will help you identify goals and will offer potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil; It will also help you improve your skills, will strengthen your self-esteem and will promote growth. If you are a counselor, now more than ever, you can help people deal with their challenges and limitations. Your intuition now is strong and the guidance you give now is deep and meaningful.

Another way to use this energy would be to enroll in a psychology class online on one of the many platforms that offer distance learning for affordable fees. Any course that promotes healing, guidance, soul searching is supported by this energy. There's a strong need not only to understand yourself, but also to motivate yourself in order to produce positive results in your life.

As your dreams will be strong and vivid during this time, you can start a dream journal, where you will record your dreams on a regular basis and track their symbols and patterns over time. In this way you will be able to discover the recurring symbols, principles and meanings of your dreams. Write down thoughts and memories that you can associate with the dream and you will be surprised to see the invaluable insights you can get for your existence and your life direction.

It's possible that you are in the process of deciding to take a new direction in life, you can use this time to plan the practical aspects of the situation, setting the foundation for an easier transition from one life stage to another for when things stabilize again.

Your need to come to contact with your inner being will be strong and this can happen by exploring methods that will allow you to access your spirit guides or your Higher Self. Get to know your guides through meditation, stay present and be on the lookout for signs and messages from the universe. You can improve your intuition using methods like Tarot, pendulum and runes.

The Hermit represents maturity, that why this is a good time to complete projects and plans that were suspended for one reason or another as it appears that energies now have ripen and you will have the opportunity to work on those projects with fresh ideas and renewed energy.

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Aquarius: Page of Swords

For you Aquarius, it's all about communication, knowledge, new ideas and mental stimulation.

The internet will be your preferred method to come into contact will all the above as the energy of this Page is associated with fast and high tech communication. You will be spending most of your time, trying to come up and new and powerful ideas that will allow you to manage and complete your projects

You can now discuss your thoughts and theories with other people, even if it's from distance, as your communication skills will be extremely strong during this time as well as your ability to vocalize your thoughts. If you feel that you need to further improve your communication skills and express yourself with greater ease, there are many online communication and public speaking courses that will not only help you work on the way you express your thoughts but will also give you ideas to create engaging presentations.

You will need mental stimulation during this time and games like Sudoku, chess, crosswords, memory and brain games and cognitive and scientific games will give you the mental workout you need and will help you keep your mind sharp.

The energy of the Page of Swords favors problem solving, that's why you will now have the chance to analyse data and information, to search the internet for alternative approaches and solutions before you formulate your final strategy . You might not had the time to do that before, but now you can work out a plan that will bring solid results.

If you like keeping journals and you enjoy writing your thoughts, this is a good time to start a blog or if that's too much for you, you can guest write for blogs of others. The Page of Swords is associated with politics, law, science and military matters and if you feel so inclined, you can delve into those subjects and share your thoughts with others. Taking an online course on journalism will be very enjoyable at this stage.

The Page of Swords is inquisitive by nature, that's why this is a perfect time to polish your skills and gain more knowledge on subjects you were always interested in but you didn't have the time to invest.

Criminal investigation, forensics or detective work are strong points of this Page and that's why you will find extremely enjoyable books, series or movies related to investigation into the mystery surrounding a crime or unsolved cases.

The Page of Swords has a natural affinity for languages, that's why this is a great time to invest in learning a new language. There are many apps and online platforms that offer language learning for a small fee or even free.

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Pisces: Star

The Star suggests that it is now time to acknowledge, develop and share with others a creative or artistic gift that has been hidden for long.

The Star is like a spotlight that shines upon you and favors all creative endeavors. If you are artistic, it's time to display your work in an online gallery or exhibition.

The Star is one of the cards associated with future and has an affinity with all things futuristic. From watching sci-fi movies to designing futuristic clothes and gadgets, you will be able to find inspiration in modern technology or futuristic fantasy.

If you are tech savvy, you can polish your computer knowledge by taking an online course on programming or learn IT skills or even by delve into web design. There are numerous platforms that offer computer courses for beginners and advanced learners.

The Star is a humanitarian card and that is why it promotes activities involved with charity work, volunteering and work for a community. Thanks to modern technology, you can do all those things from the comfort of your home by joining an organization online or by starting a blog on a humanitarian cause or even by taking it on the social media and make a group or a page that not only will keep you busy during this time, but it will also allow you to do something to help others and make a contribution.

On another note, this same energy can help you explore the collective unconscious either by studying the work of Carl Jung or by experimenting with meditation and hypnosis that may give you access to the universal data bank.

Being a card of spiritual guidance, the Star urges you to develop your psychic side by connecting with your spirit guides and angels. You can do so by practicing meditation, shamanic journeys or by using other methods that allow you to connect with the spiritual realm. You will notice that the universe is giving you messages through synchronicities and signs.

The Star is a card strongly associated with healing and self-healing that's why this is a great opportunity to explore holistic methods of healing like acupuncture, chiropractic care, homeopathy, massage therapy, chakra healing and there's tons of information on the internet and online courses you can take to become knowledgeable on those arts.

Learning astrology is favored by the Star's energy, as you will be particularly sensitive to the subtle energies and you can now awaken your clairvoyant and intuitive abilities. You can find inspiration and understanding through studies that connect the celestial realm, with Earth in a deep and metaphysical way.

If you are science inclined, studying astronomy can be as satisfying. You can have much fun stargazing with your own telescope in dark and clear nights!

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