How to get what you want

Paying attention to what you are doing is the way to be conscious. What you are thinking, feeling, saying is what shapes your reality. Everything that happens is an effect of a prior cause, but most of the times we are not conscious about how we create our success and our failures. 

Observing how your actions relate to the results you experience will give you great insights about what needs to change. Otherwise you will be uncertain as to what causes leads to what effects.   

Even if you decide to make a change, things can still feel vague and uncertain, but if you find yourself having second thoughts and wanting to turn back, keep in mind the positive benefits that pushed you to make the change. Trust that Justice, which is the natural consequence that follows every act, will restore things that were dysfunctional and make them work in your favor.

With consciousness come options and with options you have to take responsibility. Ask yourself what are those options that you have at your disposal and which one of those are you going to utilize to your benefit? Where are you going to operate from? Is it from a place of anger or from a place of wisdom? 

Being aware of your thoughts is a slow process and a decision you will need to make every morning you wake up and every night when you go to bed, until it becomes second nature. But in the end, it will pay off and will help you attract positive things you are in conscious resonance with.

Being conscious helps you move away from conflicting thoughts. "I want to buy a car, but it's expensive", "I want a new partner but I'm not good enough". Conflicting thoughts means that you are contradicting your energy. Keep taking action, even if it fails, keep making decisions, even if others disagree. Keep trying different ways to find those that suceed. Taking action opens up manifestation channels by which your intentions can materialize. The more you stay conscious and true to your intent, the more opportunities will show up. 

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