How to make someone fall in love with you

Love is not just a matter of chemistry, it's also a matter of psychology. If you study carefully the person you are interested in, so that you understand their subconscious needs and desires and then you present yourself as the one who can fulfill those needs, it's almost certain they will fall in love with you!

Most people, when they want to seduce someone, they try to instigate lust, which is generally easy. But lust is easily spent, especially when physical desire is fulfilled. On the contrary, if you attempt to seduce someone's mind instead of their body, you intensify the sense of longing they feel for you and indirectly, you persuade them to give you what you want with the silent promise of pleasure.

However, being a seducer is not an easy feat. You have to know yourself first, so that you find your seductive traits and use them in the best possible manner. You have to be confident and have faith in yourself. Then you have to study your target patiently, to spot their needs, their desires and weaknesses, their fears, their dreams and most of all their plans for the future. People respond better if they think that you want the same things, that you have the same needs and goals. Only then can you plan your moves efficiently. It's important to be able to pass through their defenses unobserved, without making your intentions too loud or too obvious. Think of it as a game of chess, where you are trying to checkmate your opponent without them being aware of what you are trying to accomplish!

Admittedly, some will say that trying to manipulate someone's feelings is unethical and seduction is a form of control. However, when it comes to love and relationships, one way or another, we all use seductive and manipulative tactics and as they say, the end justifies the means! Good luck!

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