Week of June 28 to July 4 2021

Aries: Page of Swords: This week you will receive news that you didn't expect and there will be something that might make you question someone's loyalty. Even if the signs point to negative energies, try not to jump into conclusions, as it's important now to be able to discriminate authentic information from malicious gossip. Take everything you hear these days with a pinch of salt and try to confirm your info before you take action on it.

Taurus: Eight of Wands: An opportunity will have you thinking on your feet this week, as you'll be required to make a fast decision, probably without having all the data you would like to have. This opening will give you the chance to make big progress, if you have the courage to act swiftly. If you are going to make a move, make it before momentum is lost, otherwise, someone else may jump in and grab the opportunity from your hands. Act decisively!

Gemini: Seven of Wands: Your plans might meet resistance this week and you will have to defend your ideas and beliefs. Reflect on the fact that this may be a test for you to see how much you really want to achieve a certain goal. Standing your ground is a good thing, but do so only if you are able to see the bigger picture. This is the time to show who you really are, but don’t let stubbornness get the better of you. Make sure that your actions are conscious.

Cancer: Ten of Pentacles: Matters of family and property will require your attention this week and there will be practical issues that you'll be asked to resolve. It's possible that people will want that you take sides, so make sure you do your homework before you choose who to support. In order to get the best results, you need to work with others. This is not a time to go alone. Connect and protect the common interests..

Leo: Ace of Pentacles: This week you will receive something you've been waiting for - a document or an item that has been lost or delayed and that will allow you to go ahead with a plan you had in mind. The early signs show that the situation will be slow moving, but if you remain patient and don't rush things, you will be able to produce positive and most of all, long lasting results.

Virgo: Six of Wands: There's a situation that you want to win and you are thinking about making a move that will give you an advantage. The move you are planning to make will be well-received, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and not out of selfish needs. There are still some stages before you reach a successful outcome, so enjoy your win, but be prepared to make more effort.

Libra: Seven of Cups: You may feel carried away with your emotional desires to a realm of imaginary or real choices and temptations. That's OK as long as you remember to bring yourself back to reality. You have several options to choose from but not all options will be realistic. Decide what it is that you really want to create into reality.

Scorpio: Ten of Wands: There's a desire to create the most that you can possibly create of a situation, but at times you feel overwhelmed. As a result you are pushing too hard and that will cause resistance and opposition. As long as there are so many conflicting needs, things cannot get stable. Something's got to give. Own your part, but don't take on the burden of another.

Sagittarius: Empress: Someone will express kindness by doing something nice for you, without expecting anything in return. Show appreciation for what they offer and accept the universe's blessing that seems to favor you at this stage.Creative endeavors will find support now and the time is auspicious for that new idea or project of yours to move forward.

Capricorn: Eight of Cups: You know now that in order for a situation to get going, you need to walk away from your past. You are in the process of absorbing emotional lessons, but there's already a brighter future that's calling you. The coming months will be a time of emotional growth and you will get to know your deeper needs better. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change too.

Aquarius: Ace of Swords: You know that you have power in your hands, but you don't know how to move ahead with that power yet. Clarity will come soon, especially if you accept the truth as it is and not as you want it to be. Acknowledge your position and say what needs to be communicated. Don’t expect others to guess your thoughts. Clarity is crucial at this stage, for both yourself and others.

Pisces: Temperance: There's a situation that appears to be pretty volatile and unstable and you are trying to manage it in a thoughtful way. You know that patience and reflection are needed as progress will be slow and hasty moves are not advised. As there are several energies that are in contrast, the best course of action would be to adapt, without giving extreme reactions to anything. Patience is the key.

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