How to Make a Mojo Bag

In this video you will learn how to make a Mojo Bag. While the Moon is dark, sew your Mojo Bag, infusing it with your Will, by using items that resonate with your goal and by whispering magic words that will bring your desires into reality.

Spell to Increase your Charms | Beauty Ritual

Being charming is not an innate gift. It's a skill that can be learned, practiced and boosted with this short and easy spring ritual. All you need a strawberry, a small pot and most of all, your belief that you can master this skill. The more you love yourself, the more beautiful you become!

Seven Easy Ways to Cast a Spell

Learn the basics of spellcasting without fancy props or heavy rituals. A spell is an action that helps you concentrate your thought energy and focus on the goal you want to achieve. You create primarily by thought, not by action. Actions are taken to bring into reality the manifestation of thought. When you put more thought-energy into something, more thing...

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