Hello! For over 20 years, Ive been a professional clairvoyant & card reader. I never gloss over the truth, but Im sensitive to your situation to help guide you along your path! Love, Career, or Life Path readings. 🌈


Im a paranormal blogger, do Tarot card readings, and use Hebrew letters in my readings for clarification. Ive seen ghosts since I was a child, Im clairvoyant (occasionally clairaudient and clairsentient). I keep a dream diary, and some of my most vivid dreams come true in either 2-month or two-year increments of time, strangely enough.


3 years as a tea leaf and Tarot reader on weekends in a local bookshop. 20+ years of online experience as a tea leaf & Tarot card reader, and paranormal blogger since 2000 at 1 year as an amateur ghosthunter in an Indiana ghosthunters club.