Kassie Kai

Kassie is an international, professional Tarot reader and psychic consultant. She offers spiritual guidance and intuitive insights as they are presented to her through her connection with the cards.

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Clairvoyant Empath and Energy Reader. No tools. I am able to tap in to my spiritual guides and get answers by seeing, hearing and feeling messages about people and situations.

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Mariza Lotus

Soulmate checker, Tarot reader, Dream interpreter, Law of attraction coach, with over 20 years of experience. I instantly pick up the energies around you.

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K.P. Astrologer, Psychic Reader, Tarot Reader & Numerologist

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Genuine and detailed readings. No sugar coating having over 10 years of experience in readings of Love, Relationship, and many more issues.

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True vision

I am a psychic True vision with strong abilities and God gifted powers. I will tell you what I see with my powers

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Psychic Readings

and Lifescopes



Kassie never steer me wrong.


Thanks so much, Kassie! Kassie always provides me the insight I need to help me move forward and to confirm my own intuition!!! She’s the best!


Kassie is my long term reader and friend l, i really treasure her guidance and support and i highly recommend her ;)


thanks kassie your last reading was accurate, i did get it ;)


Kassie has always been very accurate, thanks!


Thank you very much for this reading! Hopefully my career blooms!


Fantastic reading. So informative and helpful in deciding what to do.


Strong reading. Confirmed what I was sensing all along. I'm at crossroads and this whole thing is confusing. So this insight was perfect. Thank you!


Always honest, even if it's not what I want to hear. She is non-judgmental and understanding. Gives very detailed readings.

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Week of July 20 to July 26 2020

Jul 23,2020

Aries:  Hanged Man: This is a time of gestation between two different chapters in life. You will feel compelled to take action, but it's best that you sit back and watch the developments. In the meantime, examine your situation from many different angles...

Week of July 6 to July 12 2020

Jul 8,2020

Aries:  Hermit: An answer or solution you were looking for is finally within your reach. You will have to work diligently though and it's best that you rely only on yourself for now in order to complete an important task. A virgo may give you valuable...

Week of June 29 to July 5 2020

Jun 29,2020

Aries: Queen of Pentacles: You will notice progress and positive developments around your career and finances. An issue that had been troubling you for a while, these days will start moving forward. You need to feel secure in your workplace and under this...