Kassie Kai

Kassie is an international, professional Tarot reader and psychic consultant. She offers spiritual guidance and intuitive insights as they are presented to her through her connection with the cards. She is highly rated with a large client base, including celebrities and business managers.
She has been voted psychic of the month on Kasamba psychic network and has been featured on Astrolis and BestPsychics.club.

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Psychic Readings

and Lifescopes



Strong reading. Confirmed what I was sensing all along. I'm at crossroads and this whole thing is confusing. So this insight was perfect. Thank you!


Always honest, even if it's not what I want to hear. She is non-judgmental and understanding. Gives very detailed readings.

Recent Posts

Emperor and Magician

May 21,2019

The Emperor is one of the masculine archetypes in Tarot and he represents control, structures, stability, power and discipline. The Emperor describes someone with great power and authority, someone who is influential, logical and practical. The Magician is a card...

Moon and High Priestess

May 20,2019

The Moon is associated with subconscious fears, darkness, secrets, mistakes and mood swings. The High Priestess is the female principle, passive, secretive and receptive. She represents hidden knowledge, mysteries, intuition and is associated with the Moon and...

How to find your soulmate (or not)

May 16,2019

A soul mate is considered to be that magical person that completes us, the one we share an intense connection with and in extreme cases, we feel as if we cannot live without them. Although we find this description to be accurate for certain people we meet in our...