Namaste, Peeyush is a Vedic astrologer from India. He also practices Tarot reading and Reiki,


Hello beautiful soul, I am Peeyush, a Vedic Astrologer from India with six years of experience in the field of spirituality and astrology. I practice Vedic astrology and study the planetary bodies to help you to discover the answers to your problems. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life, I’m here to help. Let’s interpret the message that the Universe is sending you.rnSo here is a little bit about my academics:rnIn the field of spiritual academic qualification, I have completed:rn1. Post Graduate Diploma in Astrology and VastuShastra.rn2. Masters Diploma in Alternative Medicines.rn3. Reiki Level 1-2-3-Grandmaster or Master Teacher.rn4. Perusing post-graduation degree in Vedic Astrology (final year).rn5. Tarot Certification course, Beginner – Advance.rnAlong with this, I have awarded by "Jyotish Bhushan” in 2018 and “Excellence in Astrology” in 2019 by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Indian state Uttarakhand.rnI work in the field of astrology and the spiritual path because I enjoy it.rnIf you have any issues regarding Love, marriage, education, carrier, health, money, or anything in your life, I am here to help you.rnI am happy to answer questions such as :rnQ. I need career advice, what is the best career option for me? Which is the best education for me, when’ll I get a job?rnQ. I need health advice, I suffering from ____ Issue when will I get rid of this issue, Is there any astrological remedy for that?rnQ. When will I get someone in my life who’ll love me a lot, how’d be my love life/relationship/married life with them, how can I solve my relationship issues?rnSo feel free to ask your questions.rnLove and light rnNamaste.rn


I am having experience in Vedic astrology for more than 7 years. In these years I have read more than 10 thousand peoples charts and given them astrological readings. rnFor many years I am studying and practicing Vedic astrology, Tarot, Reiki, Numbers, Meditation, Vastu (Vedic Architecture), and sacred geometry.rn


English, Hindi, Sanskrit



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