K.P. Astrologer, Psychic Reader, Tarot Reader & Numerologist


I try to instill in my clients a positive attitude so that they are able to embark on their life path with a positive frame of mind. My psychic insight has helped my clients to resolve their deepest concerns in love, relationship and marital life. My insight on their career path, finances, investment and spiritual journey have helped them in resolving their major dilemmas. I will walk the path together with you, channelling for you the divine messages and guidance and help you achieve your goals! I hope to have a constructive and meaningful interaction with you on this wonderful platform. Blessings all the way..


I am Manish Kumar Arora, Psychic Reader, K.P.Astrologer, Tarot Reader, and Numerologist. I am giving direction to my valuable clients on issues related to love, relationship, marriage, career, business, finance, education etc for the last 23 years. Further, my Zodiac Forecast is published in 25 international magazines regularly.


English, Hindi & Punjabi



He is an astrologer and very precise. I wish I had more funds.


Manish thank you for being very quick in your answers and for providing timeframes, I will see what the future brings and whether the prediction will pass over the time