Greek psychic intuitive tarot reader specialized in relationships and career readings.


Im using the Druidcraft deck, and when I read the cards for you, I focus more on the intuitive impressions that I recieve from the energy and the imagery of the cards, rather than cookbook interpretations. In order to read for you I only need your date of birth and a clearly formulated question. The more specific your question is, the more specific the answer of the cards will be. My main concern is to give you clarity and empowerment. I will always give you honest insights. I will not read for you if you are under 18. I dont adress medical issues. I dont cast spells and I dont do mediumship.


I started reading the tarot cards 28 years ago, and since then Ive helped many people who asked for a more intuitive look into their issues. I specialize in relationships and career readings.


Greek, English



His prediction came to pass, so I'm back for more!


Thank you ! You've been really helpful!


He was right again!


Very clear and positive. Waiting on predictions!


Very detailed Tarot reading!


What an excellent reading! I'm very impressed with his clear and helpful insights.. I will be returning for more advice from Ael in the future! Thank you!


He's really detailed and thorough - and picked up on things which I did not mention. Very impressed!