Chariot and Ace of Cups

 The Chariot is about exercising  your willpower to reach your goal. This is a card of control, determination, but also of opposites that need to be kept in balance. The Ace of Cups represents a new beginning in love, inspiration, intuition and it's about letting your heart lead the way. The combination of the Chariot and the Ace of Cups points to a new relationship that manifests after a great deal of effort.  

Possible Manifestations of the Chariot and the Ace of Cups>

  • Winning the heart of someone
  • Integrating conflicting emotions
  • Reaching emotional balance
  • A domineering partner
  • Beating your rivals in love
  • Pursuing a romantic relationship
  • Focusing your attention to get emotional fulfillment 
  • Making love a priority
  • Having faith in love
  • Find love after moving/moving on
  • Mastering emotions
  • Letting your heart lead the way
  • Making effort to make a relationship work
  • Having emotional awareness
  • Opening up emotionally
  • Experiencing intense feelings 
  • Finding ways to connect
  • Travelling for love
  • A relationship between two very different people
  • Opposites attract
  • Trying to reconcile differences in love
  • Long distance relationship
  • Letting feelings show after being reserved for a long time
  • Exploring love optioins

Elemental Dignities

 To understand the elemental relationships between the cards, we should always take into account their actual meaning. The elements of the cards are Water (Chariot) and Water (Ace of Cups). The elements are neutral and rather friendly to each other, but they can lead to excessive passivity or inertia, not being able to manifest their energies in a way that would bring drastic change. With a high amount of water energy, a situation may need to reach  a certain emotional maturity, before it can be changed and transformed. 

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