Empress and Ten of Pentacles

The Empress is a passive, wise, nurturing, supportive energy, associated with the natural world, abundance and fertility. She is the Mother archetype of Tarot. The Ten of Pentacles predicts family or business concerns. It symbolizes assets, security, traditions, and inheritance. It can also represent large groups of people, like for example the neighborhood or big companies.

Possible Manifestations of the Empress and the Ten of Pentacles

  • Family business run by a woman
  • Matriarchy
  • Mother/Mother in law
  • Fertility
  • Birth in the family
  • Inheritance from mother
  • Protective Mother
  • A wealthy woman
  • Settling family/business matters
  • Taking care of family
  • Maternal archives
  • Growing business/family
  • Protecting what you have
  • A family reunion/gathering
  • Partnerships

Elemental Dignities

The elements of the cards are Earth (Empress) and Earth (Ten of Pentacles). A very strong combination that gives stability and a steady dynamic or if ill-aspected, a rigid, stubborn approach/attitude and resistance to change.

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