Lovers and Nine of Swords

The Lovers is the card of love, of love triangles and choices. It's about acknowledging who/what will complete us and about making (or not) the choice to pursue the object of our desire. The Nine of Swords is the card of extreme stress, nightmares and negative, external influences. It is also a card of painful endings. The Lovers and the Nine of Swords combination has a tone of finality and often manifests its energy as a dynamic that's rather disruptive.

Possible Manifestations of the Lovers and the Nine of Swords

  • The end of a relationship
  • Interference in a relationship
  • Making a final decision
  • Worrying about a relationship
  • People gossiping about a relationship/love triangle
  • The end of love
  • Stressing over a choice
  • Refusing to decide
  • Love to hate
  • Choosing to stay silent
  • Betrayal
  • Cleansing emotional debris
  • A painful relationship
  • Nothing more to be said
  • A third person causing serious problems
  • Unrequited love
  • Heart arguing with intellect
  • Breaking the spell
  • Having a nightmare

Elemental Dignities

The elements of the cards are Air (Lovers) and Air (Nine of Swords). Two Air cards can generate a quite powerful and intense combination. In their negative expression, these two cards will bring sleepless nights and feelings of restlesness. On a more positive note - and provided the surrounding cards lessen their negative impact- they will act as a metaphysical cleansing of the psyche after a long, testing period.

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