Magician and Knight of Swords

 The Magician is a card of action, manifestation, individuality and creation. He is the master of personal Will, Intention and Magic. The Knight of Swords is logical, witty, just, but he can also be impatient, judgmental, ruthless and verbally aggressive. The combination of the Magician with the Knight of Swords describes a situation ruled by logic, personal will and control.  

Possible Manifestations of the Magician and the Knight of Swords>

  • An unexpected arrival/departure
  • A synchronistic meeting
  • A powerful man
  • Taking control of circumstances
  • A deep thinker
  • Action based on logic
  • A whistle-blower
  • Having mental clarity
  • Finding a quick solution
  • Communication
  • Taking fast action to make things happen
  • Pulling a rabbit out of a hat
  • Spinning a tale
  • A flash of inspiration
  • An intelligent plan
  • Dealing with rivals
  • A con man
  • Taking immediate action
  • A smooth talker
  • Travelling by air
  • Communicating plans and ideas
  • Making quick decisions
  • Making your own way
  • Being sharp-tongued
  • Dealing with disruptions
  • Investigating
  • Being selfish
  • Acting aggressive

Elemental Dignities

 To understand the elemental relationships between the cards, we should always take into account their actual meanings. The elements of the cards in this case are Air (Magician) and Air (Knight of Swords). Two Air cards can generate quite a powerful and intense combination. In their negative expression, these two cards will bring feelings of restlessness, failure, futility. In most cases the strong air element in these two cards cards shows a dynamic situation that's subject to change.

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