Page of Pentacles and King of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is a card of material qualities and learning and as all pages, it shows potential and new beginnings. The King of Pentacles is extremely practical, methodical, and he is associated with professional, financial or practical matters. In his negative manifestation he can be stubborn, boring, conservative and short-sighted.The combination of the Page of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles indicates slow but solid progress.

Possible Manifestations of the Page of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles

  • A delayed message
  • Being realistic
  • A young person too mature for their age
  • Being dependable
  • Father and son
  • News about practical/property/financial matters
  • Making a long term investment/commitment
  • Making solid progress
  • Consistent effort (mostly in studies or work)
  • Getting help from someone in a position of authority
  • Getting guidance in a new beginning
  • Message from a male who's an earth sign
  • Making practical plans
  • New job in a big company
  • Getting a gift from a male
  • Very slow change
  • Strong and solid feelings
  • Teacher and student

Elemental Dignities

To understand the elemental relationships between the cards, we should always take into account their actual meaning. The elements of the cards are Earth (Page of Pentacles) and Earth (King of Pentacles). A very strong combination that gives stability and a steady dynamic or if ill-aspected, a rigid, stubborn approach/attitude and resistance to change.

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