Queen of Cups and Eight of Cups

The Queen of Cups is focusing on feelings and emotional matters. She has a gentle, receptive and passive nature and she can be a great helper, healer and counselor. Ill-dignified, the Queen of Cups is the personification of the drama queen. The the Eight of Cups signifies dissatisfaction and it's expressing the desire to withdraw, to walk away from a situation, to change, as we hear the calling of a new or different future. In some cases the Eight of Cups can even indicate betrayal. As a combination, the queen of cups and the eight of cups shows a change of direction and the strong presence of a woman who will somehow affect the situation.

Possible Manifestations of the Queen of Cups and the Eight of Cups

  • Walking away from a relationship
  • A change of heart
  • An artistic/healing calling
  • Turning away from drama
  • Disruptive influence of a woman
  • An abandoned woman
  • Giving up on a dream
  • Changing direction
  • Dreaming of getting away
  • Dreaming about a new start
  • A merciful release
  • The end of an unpleasant situation
  • A strong urge to do something new

Elemental Dignities

The elements of the cards are Water (Queen of Cups) and Water (Eight of Cups). The elements are neutral and rather friendly to each other, but they can lead to excessive passivity or inertia, trying to maintain what's already there, reluctant to make a drastic move.

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