Seven of Wands and Lovers

The Seven of Wands is a card of defense, as we find ourselves "under siege". Criticism and attacks from other people are likely to occur when this card comes up. It's also a card of resistance, so whenever it appears in a spread, the natural flow is blocked. The Lovers is the card of love, of love triangles and choices. It's about acknowledging who/what will complete us and about making (or not) the choice to pursue the object of our desire.

Possible Manifestations of the Seven of Wands and the Lovers

  • Rejection
  • Refusing to choose
  • Being in denial about a relationship/a choice
  • Feeling pressured by a partner/suitor
  • Being unresponsive to someone's advances
  • Forced to stay in a relationship
  • Defending a choice
  • Making a scene
  • Fighting with partner
  • Assuming defensive stance in a debate
  • Non responding to someone's drama
  • A forced choice
  • Fighting the natural flow of a relationship
  • Trying to push someone away
  • Not willing to put up with a partner's attitude anymore
  • A lovers' fight
  • Defending a partner/ a relationship
  • Social environment objecting to a relationship
  • A demanding partner

Elemental Dignities

The elements of the cards are Fire (Seven of Wands) and Air (Lovers). An intense and active combination that strengthens the energies of the two cards. Either negative or positive, the dynamic of the cards will be intensified by the interplay of their elemental influences.

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