Six of Swords and Five of Cups

The Six of Swords predicts peace after a period of turmoil. It gives a gentle a push towards a new direction, towards a calmer destination.The Five of Cups is the card of loss, regrets and disappointments. Often it appears when we go to war with life, when we refuse to accept that things sometimes don't go the way we want them to go. The combination of the two means that we start moving on from a painful situation, but we are still somewhat attached to it.

Possible manifestations of the Six of Swords and the Five of Cups

  • Moving on but still struggling
  • Avoidance/Denial
  • Move on and face your loss
  • An unpleasant/forced journey
  • Going through a hard time
  • Losing something while traveling
  • Taking the wrong direction
  • Having regrets about leaving someone/a situation behind
  • Getting deeper into depression
  • Retreating into self-pity/victim mentality
  • A parting of ways leads to sorrow
  • Torn between past and future

Elemental Dignities

The elements of the cards are Air (Six of Swords) and Water (Five of Cups). A neutral combination that tries to balance thoughts (logic) and feelings. The Six of Swords desires freedom, but the Five of Cups is trying to hold on to sorrow. This combination blends the active element of Air that wants liberation and the passive element of water that doesn't like change, as a result, the two cards modify one another in an uncomfortable way.

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