Three of Wands and Emperor

The Three of Wands is the card of the future, as it talks about our expectations and the consequences of our actions. It also means that we've been through the first stages of a process and we're waiting to reap the benefits. The Emperor is one of the masculine archetypes in Tarot and he represents control, structures, stability, power and discipline. The Emperor describes someone with great power and authority, someone who is influential, logical and practical.  The Three of Wands and the Emperor is about making plans and seeing them through.

Possible manifestations of the Three of Wands and the Emperor

  • Getting things done
  • Being in charge of a team/project
  • Waiting for a man to arrive
  • Managing a multinational company
  • A foreigner in a position of authority
  • Negotiations
  • Travelling abroad
  • A man from different cultural background
  • Setting high goals
  • A man in a position of authority who sets foundation for the future
  • Future husband
  • Planning to become a father
  • Setting foundations
  • Waiting for something to be established

Elemental Dignities

The elements of the cards are Fire (Three of Wands) and Fire (Emperor). They support nicely each other, that is why the planning/foresight suggested by the Three of Wands can achievements and very positive results when paired with the knowledge, stability and experience to the Emperor. If however, there are indications of conflicts and contrasts by other cards within the same spread, the combination of these two could lead to excess, arrogance and despotism.