Two of Pentacles and Empress

 The Two of Pentacles is a card of change and it is trying to achieve balance during or after a phase of transition. The Two of Pentacles show a temporary situation, that's subject to change. The Empress is a passive, wise, nurturing, supportive energy, associated with the natural world, abundance and fertility. She is the Mother archetype of Tarot. The combination of the Two of  Pentacles and the Empress shows a woman dealing with financial and practical matters that need balancing.  

Possible Manifestations of the Two of Pentacles and the Empress

  • A material/financial decision
  • Balance restored by a female
  • Money being passed from one person to another
  • A decision made by a woman
  • A change of season
  • A female investor
  • Being torn between two lovers
  • Multitasking
  • A woman of balance and moderation
  • A financially draining partner
  • Juggling two relationships
  • Making a decision based on the financial outcome
  • The incubation period of a plan
  • Giving birth to twins
  • Bringing stability in domestic life/finances
  • Taking a mother's opinion into account 
  • A mother/mother figure influencing one's decisions
  • Physical exercise
  • Dancing
  • Ups and downs in love
  • Sexual energies/activities
  • Being in harmony with Nature's rythms
  • Going with the natural flow of things
  • A woman who keeps everything in balance

Elemental Dignities

 To understand the elemental relationships between the cards, we should always take into account their actual meaning. The elements of the cards are Earth (Two of Pentacles) and Earth (Empress). A very strong combination that shows stability and steady progress. If ill-aspected, it shows a rigid, stubborn approach/attitude and resistance to change. 

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