Week of April 12 to April 18 2021

Aries: Ten of Pentacles: You've worked hard in order to achieve a goal and now a cycle is coming to a culmination. You are about to enjoy the fruits of your labor and you will receive rewards and praise. Matters of property are especially favored this week, so if you were planning to sell or to sign contracts, this is the right time to do so. Think long term and include others in your plans too. A community can be helpful at this stage.

Taurus: Six of Wands: You will experience a small victory this week and that will make you feel hopeful and optimistic about the progress and the development of your plans. A win – win situation that’s about to manifest will show that your efforts are being recognized. It’s important that you keep moving forward and that you keep taking action, as momentum needs to be maintained at all costs. Further developments will follow in the coming weeks.

Gemini: Empress: Someone will express kindness by doing an act of service for you, without expecting anything in return. Show appreciation for what they offer and accept the universe's blessing which seems to favor you at this stage. Your creative endeavors will find support now and the time is auspicious for that new idea or project to move forward. An older female will be a strong ally by your side now.

Cancer: Two of Cups: You will connect with someone that you enjoy being or working with and you will talk about future plans or a project that you want to accomplish together. Even if there's chemistry, this connection is still in its early stages and it will take time before it gets strong and solid. Aim to form a closer bond not only by sharing positive emotions, but also by appreciating your differences.

Leo: Devil: You will come to the realization that you have created your own bonds and for that reason you are the one who has to power to undo them. An addictive situation will make you feel limited and stuck, but once the lesson is learned, you will find the strength to make a positive change. Trust that your ability to discern will help you see where you're stuck and what needs to be removed, so that this addictive thing or person does not make you feel powerless in their presence.

Virgo: Six of Swords: Don't rock the boat and try to avoid pushing the issue right now. Let it ride for a while, waiting for a more favorable time. You are now finding calmer waters where potentiality exists and all options remain open. Take care of your immediate responsibilities and don't bear down too hard on the points of conflict. Staying away from power struggles will help you arrive in a more peaceful shore.

Libra: King of Cups: Someone will inspire you with their love and attention and you will feel that the connection you share is a very special one. It's best that you let them lead, knowing they will probably let events take their natural course. Enjoy this connection without rushing to make things happen, because force and pressure will just cause resistance. Remember that this person loves to extreme and hates to extreme.

Scorpio: Three of Swords: If there has been pain that's been bottled up and suppressed inside, now is a good time to seek the help of a counselor. Creating all kinds of negative scenarios in your mind will just make things worse. Acknowledge the truth of the situation, but resolve to heal and liberate yourself. That way you will get the chance to make a new start and heal those wounds before they fester. Even if you’ve been hurt, try not to lose your sensitivity by becoming too guarded.

Sagittarius: Chariot: You feel torn between two different options and indecisiveness can make you act defensively or aggressively or even worse, both at the same time. You are trying to hide your true feelings and that will eventually result in inner pressure. You need to take both your thoughts and feelings into account and by using reason to resolve your emotional turmoil. Being guarded all the time can make you become rigid and insensitive.

Capricorn: Ace of Cups: You've gone through a rough patch lately but things are looking up now. The beginning of a new relationship or a new phase in an existing relationship is about to manifest and you will feel happy and connected with your emotions. Happier times are in the horizon, but ask yourself if you are ready and open to receiving love. Don't forget that sometimes, love comes from places we don't expect.

Aquarius: Two of Swords: You are at a crossroads and a decision needs to be made and yes, there are things that remain to be seen, but that's not a reason why you should be putting off making a decision. Keep in mind that your decision does not have to be a final one. It could be a kind of compromise that you know will not last, but will hold for a while, but that will buy you some time to set a more direct course.

Pisces: Four of Cups: You may be feeling boredom, craving more excitement in your life or you may have a general feeling of being 'fed-up' with things the way they are. You always have the power to change things, it just doesn't always feel that way. No need to drag your feet or plod along feeling numb. You can fulfill your desires but you need to get out of that comfort zone.

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