Week of April 26 to May 2 2021

Aries: Five of Swords: You are now in full charge of your mind and you can take back your power from the person or situation that you had given it away to. You will feel that it's all about you at the moment and about not letting people treat you as they used to. Cut off anything that is negative in your life and stand up for yourself if you have to. That's how you will bring change into those areas of your life that feel stuck now.

Taurus: Justice: You feel it's time to do the right thing and take responsibility for your past actions. Just make sure that you are not trying to fix the results of someone else's mistakes, as if they were your own. The universe is wiser than we'll ever be and it knows who to reward and who to punish. The Law of cause and effect is always at play. Don't blame yourself unnecessarily. Treat not just others, but also yourself fairly.

Gemini: Knight of Cups: A message of love is coming your way and/or an emotional event is going to manifest. Someone will come with an offer, a proposal or even offering an olive branch for peace after a serious conflict. Don’t miss out on the chance of love by being fearful of rejection. It's okay to be sentimental, open and passionate, but don't let your emotions play havoc with your stability.

Cancer: Three of Pentacles: You skills and hard work will be recognized and appreciated and at long last, a reward is coming your way. There is a supportive team or community around you, ready to back you now and offer their help, where in the past you struggled alone with your ideas and plans that met opposition. You are expected to do your best and in order to do that you need to cooperate with others harmoniously.

Leo: Two of Pentacles: You are trying to juggle too many things at once and although you can do that for a while, the situation is about to change and shift, that's why a more permanent solution needs to be found. Working harmoniously with the natural flow of things is what will actually help you reach your goals effortlessly. If you feel that someone is playing with your feelings, it's time to cut them off. There will be uncertainty in many situations, that's why it's best that you wait for things to stabilize before you make any final decisions.

Virgo: Knight of Swords: You will feel that no matter how many goals you achieve, you can’t seem to be happy and once you have completed one objective you feel compelled to rush ahead to the next task, hoping that someone will acknowledge your value through your deeds. You will soon realize that this is no way to go through life. Stop and savor your successes and don't feel guilty when there's not much to do. Slow down.

Libra: Magician: It's time to believe that you can manifest all kinds of futures and for that you need one only thing: to take action on your plans and ideas. Working methodically on what you want to achieve will make you feel motivated, especially after you see the first results of your efforts. Don't let others decide for you. Forge your own path and the universe will assist you with opportunities and possibilities.

Scorpio: Two of Swords: You are at a crossroads and a decision needs to be made and yes, there are things that remain to be seen, but that's not a reason why you should be putting off making a choice. Seeing the full picture at this exact moment is rather difficult, but you can take it day by day and see where life takes you. Keep in mind that your decision does not have to be a final one. It could be a kind of compromise that you know will not last, but will hold for a while.

Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune: If you find yourself resisting the flow, rest assured that life will find a way to impose those changes to you and then you will have to comply with decisions that others might make for you, instead of you making your own choices. Sometimes the more you resist the stronger opposition gets. Let things unfold naturally and try to follow the path of least resistance. Change is a good thing, even if it feels uncomfortable and disruptive now. 

Capricorn: High Priestess: You will feel that people are being secretive and cryptic, as if they have something to hide and you are probably right. But you too have secrets to keep, which means it's not the time to open your cards just yet. Don't make any moves until you figure out what is going on. Guidance will come through dreams and signs. Remain open and sensitive to the subtle vibrations around you.

Aquarius: Four of Wands: You will find that you need to set boundaries, as there are those who keep violating them and that's draining your energy. Your goal is to have something strong and long lasting, that's why it's now important to defend your space and establish a strong foundation. Now that a stage has been completed, make preparations for the next phase by choosing the right allies.

Pisces: Four of Cups: You will feel the need to find a calm and peaceful space this week, as energies cause you to be slow and passive. If you feel bothered about things, look deeply within to find the root cause of your dissatisfaction. Take some time for yourself and don't come out of your shell yet. Give yourself time to assess the situation.

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