Week of April 5 to April 11 2021

Aries: Magician: You are now having the right consciousness to produce the results that you want and you will feel confident about taking the right external actions. An opportunity will arise that should not be missed, probably when you least expect it and synchronicities are about to happen. Keep in mind that everything starts with your thoughts and that means the clearer the picture you have in mind, the easier it will be to bring your plans into reality.

Taurus: Empress: A strong female presence around you will promote and encourage growth and potential. You will get beneficial and valuable advice, especially in matters of the heart. Listen to what she has to say, because she has your best interests in mind and she will give you a new perspective on things. You will be reminded that you need to be gentle and patient with yourself and that you should not forget to honor your needs. These days you will have opportunities to connect with Nature and that will raise your moods and vibration.

Gemini: Knight of Swords: Someone around you thinks that they are doing the right thing, but what they're actually doing is that they're acting without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Acting on impulse sometimes can be a good thing, but in the circumstances it will probably cause a disruption. Try to avoid jumping into conclusions and try not to react, because things are still unfolding and you can't see the bigger picture yet.

Cancer: Four of Swords: You will find that even relationships sometimes need a rest, especially if things have been overwhelming lately. A temporary separation or some distance seems to be necessary in order to recoup, knowing that you will later get an opportunity to put things on a new basis. Give yourself permission not to be helpful, productive or social for a while. That's not a selfish thing, it's a much needed move so that you find your peace of mind again.

Leo: Seven of Swords: You feel as if you are on a 'mission impossible', dealing with too many issues at the same time. However, you should know that not all issues are urgent. Deal only with those that need your immediate attention and leave those that don't need to be handled right now for a later time. Trying to resolve everything at once will be overwhelming and it won't even get you the results that you want. Stick to what you believe that should be done and don't be swayed by too many opinions.

Virgo: Lovers: You will find that making a relationship work needs more than just feelings. Changing certain routines or negative patterns seems to be essential at this stage as you will probably have to make some sacrifices too, if you want to keep a relationship. By nature, you are a fan of security and you hate risks, but with love comes risk and you need to accept that the success of a romantic relationship is highly unpredictable and there are no guarantees and that's the beauty of it!

Libra: Knight of Wands: There's someone around you who's being unstable and unpredictable and their attitude is getting on your nerves. No matter how hard you are trying to bring some stability, they always find a way to mess things up. That's partly because of their personality and partly because they resist and react to your actions. Fight fire with fire and try to mirror them for a while. You may be surprised by the results you will get!

Scorpio: Ten of Pentacles: You will have to deal with family or property matters and the responsibilities that go with them. You will be asked to be generous and share your time or resources and if you can do that, it will help you improve your standing in the family/community. This is a time to think in terms of greater good and focus on building a strong network. Being a member of a larger group will bring you benefits in the future.

Sagittarius: Seven of Pentacles: You have made some efforts but at this stage you feel really unsure about whether those efforts will pay off. Truth is you need to be patient and let those seeds grow organically. If you start pushing and controlling, chances are, it will backfire and you will get half-baked results. Temper anxiety with vision and positive expectations. Trust that the universe always rewards when energy is being invested, but it has its own timing too.

Capricorn: Strength: There will be an inner struggle as someone will try to make a mess and you will feel uncertain about how to proceed. You will fluctuate between two different approaches, as you want to make the situation bend to your will, but at the same time you don't want to come across as being too aggressive. Discipline and self-control is now needed, but you will find that this is your chance to show who has the real strength by adopting an assertive but detached attitude.

Aquarius: Eight of Wands: If you are wondering when something will happen, the answer is soon. Communications will pick up and things will get busy. Plans that seemed stuck will finally start going forward and a goal that you wanted to achieve seems to be finally within your reach. Follow the trends and keep up the momentum by taking consistent action This is not a time to stop and stall. If you do you're gonna miss opportunities.

Pisces: Ace of Pentacles: You will set a material goal these days and you may decide to start saving for a new house, a course or an investment. The universe will show you that's a good idea and will manifest the right people and conditions to help you achieve your goal. A practical and methodical approach will help you get what you want, but time should be invested too. Set high goals, but know that hard work will be required to make this seed grow. A new doorway is opening for something that will be stable and long term.

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