Week of August 2 to August 8 2021

Aries: Chariot: There will be different energies that will pull you in different directions this week and you may feel a little indecisive or confused. The good news is that you are in control of the situation and if you use your willpower and determination, you will eventually get what you want. Whatever you are dealing with, know that you have the upper hand. Be strong but not forceful.

Taurus: Four of Cups: You will come to realize that a settled method of working requires little effort but yields only barely acceptable results and even if you feel at ease in this situation, it's clear that change is needed, if things are to progress in the next stage. Stepping out of your comfort zone will get you to do things that you may feel a little uncomfortable doing, but it will also get you in a new zone where you can deliver incredible results.

Gemini: High Priestess: There's a situation that feels vague and uncertain, primarily because there are things hidden from view or energies that do not seem logical. People will be cryptic and there will be secrets afoot, muddying the waters and making things confusing. Trust your intuition, your dreams and an inner “knowing” as at this stage, intuitive insights will be extremely strong. Your first impression will be the most accurate.

Cancer: Eight of Swords: A minor obstacle may upset you this week, but you will be able to sort things out, especially if you don't get caught in negative and limiting thinking. Now more than ever you will feel the need to break away from certain situations, but the perceived captivity is more on your mind than it's real. If you can't see how to liberate yourself from this situation, ask your mind, not your heart. You already know the answer, even if you don't like it.

Leo: Two of Pentacles:  You are juggling two different issues or options and it feels like a never-ending chore with no resolution or way out. This is a temporary phase though and soon a decision will break the stalemate. Use this time to explore your options and decide what you really want to do. The universe has manifested different energies for you to choose, because deep down you are still indecisive. Things are continuously shifting and new info will help you see things more clearly.

Virgo: Three of Pentacles: You will enjoy support from people who want to work with you on a common goal or project and teamwork will help you get things done easily and efficiently. As a result you will be given the opportunity or the money to develop something further, especially if you need a sponsor or funding. Work slowly and get as close as you can to the people you work with. Given the time, this union will produce positive and productive results.

Libra: Magician: You are now having the right consciousness to produce the desired results and that will cause you to take the right external actions too. An opportunity that will arise now, should not be missed, so you may have to act swiftly and decisively. Everything starts with your thoughts, that's why before anything else, you should be clear on what you want to achieve. Then you can take the right action.

Scorpio: Nine of Pentacles: At long last you feel that success is within your reach and you will feel satisfied with what you have accomplished. Even if you didn't get the help you expected, the results you were able to produce will make you more than happy and proud of yourself. Enjoy well-earned rewards and if you feel like taking some time off, do so. It will be beneficial for your mind and spirit.

Sagittarius: Sun:A week that everything can be seen clearly, as you will have the opportunity to finally see the bigger picture and which role each of the parties involved have played. That will allow you to feel more grounded and confident in your decisions. Your focus will shift and you will start asking for what you deserve. Make self-expression a priority and go for the things that you want. You are the center of your solar system.

Capricorn: Star: You will receive a message or insight that will guide you to future possibilities. Focusing on your healing and your personal development will help you move to the next stage of your life, having all the weapons you need to produce concrete results in the direction you desire. Having hope and faith will increase the chances of the outcome that you want. Signs will show you the way.

Aquarius: Eight of Cups: You know now that in order for a situation to get going, you need to walk away from your past. You are in the process of absorbing emotional lessons, but there's already a brighter future that's calling you. The coming months will be a time of emotional growth and you will get to know your deeper needs better. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change too!

Pisces: Nine of Wands: You are feeling a little anxious because you sense there might be trouble coming your way and that's because there's a situation you thought was sorted, but it turned out it was never really finished. Wait and see what is really going on before you take any action. You are at the end game now and soon everything will fall into place.

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