Week of December 14 to December 20 2020

Aries: Hierophant: Your personal code will be tested this week as you will be asked to make a decision that may go against your religious or philosophical values. News about a contract or a document you've been expecting will arrive and you may decide to validate special relationships through formal and ritual commitments. You will find the guidance you need, especially if you stick to tried and traditional paths. If you are thinking about starting a new course, this is an auspicious time to do so.

Taurus: Two of Cups: Relationships and partnerships will be in the foreground this weeks and you will feel the desire to form and maintain meaningful connections. A romantic union or reunion is in the cards for you, but you have to find a balance between your own needs and the needs of the other person through cooperation and mutuality. Someone will make a gesture of good will by making a small favor and promoting positive feelings.

Gemini: Eight of Wands: You will set an important objective and you will direct all your energy and ideas toward a specific goal you want to achieve. Timing is right to put things into action and proceed quickly. Avoid procrastination and keep in mind that what you do will affect the sequence of events that will lead you to the desired outcome. Developments will be fast and a successful conclusion is not far away. Make sure you keep up a fast pace.

Cancer: Queen of Cups: This will be a week of beauty and healing as you will be focused on creating a pleasant environment around you by doing things that provide emotional and spiritual comfort. You will feel attracted to practices that help you heal emotional wounds and a supportive female will come to your aid. You are about to start a new cycle in your personal life and this is a time to set a strong foundation for the next stage. Go with what makes your heart sing and avoid those people or situations that are negative and draining.

Leo: The Lovers: This week you will have to decide whether to partner with another or not – whether it's a personal or professional relationship. You will find that the connection you have in mind has its perks, but it also requires that you make a sacrifice by choosing an option over another, which may include you changing your routines or some future plans. Choose to connect at this stage. This is not a good time to go alone.

Virgo: Eight of Swords: There's a situation that makes you feel you are unable to move. You will come to the realization that it's basically your concepts and ideas that make you feel that way and not the situation itself. Avoid getting involved in new matters and stick to those projects that you are already involved. If you find yourself between warring factions, try to stay out of  conflicts.

Libra: Four of Cups: You will feel a need to change your routine as things are getting increasingly boring and you feel stuck. There's a pattern of habit that you may decide to break and that's a good thing, as it will lead you to new energies and experiences. Look at your motivations and what makes you feel excited and you will find the right direction.

Scorpio Judgment: Someone will be judgmental towards you about something that you did in the past and you may have to explain yourself and clear up any misunderstandings that happened before. A new chapter is about to begin, but first, you need to let go of things that do not serve your best interests anymore. A problem needs a solution and you will be able to find it only if you step outside of yourself and your prejudice.

Sagittarius: Knight of Wands: After a long period of inactivity and delays, you will find that things start speeding up and moving forward. You will get involved in new projects and experiences and you will feel the strong desire to express your energy. Someone is coming to you with an offer that may not be long term, but will give the necessary boost to things that have been stalled, so that they start moving again.

Capricorn: Death: There has been much change in the past few months and deep transformations have taken place inside of you. These days you will start noticing how those shifts have changed you and that you now respond differently and possibly more wisely to things that have been painful in the past. Eliminating something or someone from your life now seems imperative so that you move to a new, better phase.

Aquarius: Four of Wands: You've laid plans and foundations for an goal and you will soon start seeing the first positive results. A reward and recognition are coming your way and you may decide to take a rest and celebrate your achievements with people close to you. Soon a new phase with new goals begins. Good news about home and property

Pisces: Six of Pentacles. An interaction that you've been waiting for is coming to pass this week. A harmonious exchange and a balanced give and take will make you feel good. A practical issue will be resolved and you will feel more secure knowing where you stand. Someone will be supportive to one of your plans, that's why this is a good time to look for a sponsor or donations that will help you go ahead with your goals. Put your material resources to creative uses.

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