Week of December 25 to Devember 31 2023

For this week's forecast, it's advised to steer clear of initiating any fresh relationships, starting new projects, making major life alterations, or engaging in significant spending until after January 18, 2024. In this period, you're likely to encounter delays, indecision, reconsiderations, missing resources, miscommunication, and various obstacles. These issues might jeopardize even well-planned endeavors, rendering them less effective or irrelevant. Focus instead on nurturing and safeguarding your existing projects, situations, and personal connections. There's a chance for reconnections with old friends, loves, or opportunities. When these reappear, assess whether re-engaging is beneficial based on your past experiences with them. Stick to essential purchases like groceries and bill payments, but hold off on buying new items like shoes, clothing, vehicles, or electronics. Essentially, if it has the potential to significantly impact your life, it's best to postpone the decision. Relax and enjoy the festive season instead!

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