Week of December 28 2020 to January 3 2021

Aries: King of Swords: There’s an issue that you need to resolve and a decision that needs to be made. But you are getting confused as emotions and logic are not aligned. Clear thinking and good reason will be your allies now. Don’t get carried away by illusions of being saved by love or spirituality. Choose reality over comfort and you will soon find that was the best choice you made. Living in denial didn’t help much, did it?

Taurus: Four of Wands: You’ve been making hard efforts to achieve a certain goal and now finally, something is starting to form. What was ambiguous and confusing is now taking solid shape. You will receive good news about matters related to property/home. You will be planning a special celebration with loved-ones, especially if there’s a big success that you want to celebrate. It’s not time to start thinking about your next steps, isn’t it?

Gemini: Star: You have a long term plan in mind and your plan has a great potential to manifest into reality, but not now, not yet. Now is the time to take the first steps and invest your energy wisely and later on things will start taking a more solid shape. The sings are there for you to see and guidance will help you navigate in the right direction. Don’t let negative thoughts cloud your judgment. Stay with the light!

Cancer: Hanged Man: You have explored your options, tried different methods, but nothing worked. What you haven’t tried though is to change your perspective and look at the situation with different eyes. Try to see things from a new angle and you will be amazed at how many significant details you overlooked. Don’t play victim now – take things in your two hands and own your part.

Leo: Eight of Wands: Your eyes are set on a goal and you know what you want. Momentum is now building up and this is your chance to hit bull’s-eye. Try not to miss your goal by over analyzing and trying too hard to predict what comes next. This is a time for pure action. Make it count – such opportunities won’t come again soon. Let the momentum guide you to where you need to be.

Virgo: Tower: It will take some time to come to terms with the shocking news you received. But isn’t it better now that the picture got clear? No more confusion or false hopes. Even if you have to face some hard truths, you have to admit that living in denial didn’t get you far. The structure wasn’t as solid as you thought it was, but you can now build a new one, with a stronger foundation.

Libra: Six of Cups: And when you least expect it, something or someone from the past will come back knocking at your door. But your feelings aren’t the same now, are they? Can you really connect in the same way you connected before? Make sure it’s not nostalgia that draws you back. Old times are long gone. If you give it another chance, keep in mind that it will be a very different situation.

Scorpio Five of Cups: Your ego has taken a blow because of something that didn’t go the way you expected it to go, but try to accept the loss and move on. Even if it’s easier said than done, dwelling in the past cannot change what happened. Try to ground yourself with activities that connect you to your inner being. The situation has been vague and confusing for too long. You need clarity to decide what your next step will be.

Sagittarius: Queen of Cups: There’s an emotional matter that requires your attention and you are now in need of emotional support. And help is on its way. A person who’s very close to your heart will come to you and you will be able to enjoy happy moments in good company. If you feel inclined to take on artistic and creative endeavors, this is a lovely time to do so. Surround yourself with beauty and your moods will be elevated easily. Be compassionate now – holding grudges will not help you find your balance.

Capricorn: Death: Although scary at times, change is a good thing. And the more you are resisting and trying to avoid it, the more life will push you in different direction. Letting go is crucial now, even if you feel that you lose part of yourself. There’s nothing you can lose that you can’t regain later and maybe in a better version too. You can choose to go with the flow and make things easier for you or you can stubbornly resist and create even more obstacles.

Aquarius: Seven of Swords: You feel you’ve been lied to and you are probably correct. There’s someone around you who’s less than honest and they are even trying to get away with murder. Don’t let them! You know you need to remove this negative influence from your energy circle. If you don’t, they will keep draining your aura and lowering your vibration. You deserve better than that.

Pisces: Knight of Pentacles: You will slow down this week and that’s a good thing. It won’t be long until you see that you are producing solid results that have the potential to bring long term changes. The pace might be slower than you’d like but don’t act in haste now. You need to establish a strong foundation to build upon. Methodical steps are needed. Be patient now, things will speed up later anyway.

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