Week of February 15 to February 21 2021

Aries: Star: A moment of peace will bring inspiration and insight and something that has been confusing will start making sense. There will be signs that will point to the right direction and you will notice that life is taking a new pattern. This is your chance to escape a limiting situation, as after many trials, you are finally able to make a better choice. Good news about a plan will make you feel optimistic and you will finally see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Taurus: Six of Swords. Things will start moving forward and a situation is about to improve in ways that you did not anticipate. You will be moving away from stressful or toxic persons and you will immediately feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Even if things are still a little ambiguous, you will feel that you are heading to the right direction. Align your heart and mind at this stage and try to find the right balance. Don't let emotions dominate you.

Gemini: Lovers: There's potential for significant growth in love and romance as there's strong attraction and chemistry with someone around you. Feelings are intense and there will be sharing on a deeper level. Expect that you will experience the 'symptoms' of love, which may not always be pleasant, but don't let anxiety and vulnerability get the better of you. In the circumstances it's easy to become irrational, but try to remain focused and grounded.

Cancer: Emperor:  There's a plan or project that needs wise management and you will be asked to take on a leading role  and probably more responsibilities too. Stability and reason will be required and also a flexible mind, open to ideas of others. Think about the greater good this week and what you will accomplish will be beneficial for you too. If you feel that a situation has led you to lose your power, it's now t time to take it back.

Leo: Temperance: Patience and moderation will be needed this week and an openness to adapt to new energies, as you will be asked to manage a volatile situation that will be changing and shifting continuously. You need to set clear boundaries for those who attempt to violate them. Transforming and combining ideas and different energies will bring surprising results, so try to think outside the box if you want to create something really unique. 

Virgo: Queen of Wands: Your hard work will earn you a standing that will allow you to advance and take a situation to the next stage. Even if there have been struggles and challenges as of late, that has made you more sensitive not just to the needs of others but to your own deeper needs as well. Work with courage and conviction and stand up for what you believe. Others will be inspired by you and you may decide to take a leading role in a group or community.

Libra: Seven of Pentacles. Although you will notice signs of growth this week, you are now aware that time is needed in order to achieve your goal. There are stages that cannot be skipped and you may  get impatient in the process. You may even start wondering whether you made the right choices and whether your efforts will produce the desired results, but if you remain focused, you will be able to see that you are on the right track. Trust that time will give you what you want.

Scorpio: Seven of Swords: You had limited success so far in something that you are trying to achieve but that's because your resources were limited and things were not exactly as you thought they were. There will be negotiations though and now you will have the chance to get a better deal, as long as you are willing to loosen the grip on your previous expectations. Something is shifting and new energies are about to manifest.

Sagittarius: Five of Cups: An unfulfilled desire leaves you drained and disappointed and you feel that you've been used and manipulated. Although the situation is far from being ideal, try not to bring more suffering on yourself. It may be difficult to accept a loss, but allowing yourself to be haunted by what happened will not lead you anywhere. Not everything is lost and you can now use what remains to forge a different path.

Capricorn: Magician: Intuition and creativity will be strong this week and you will feel energized, ready to take action and accomplish things that you have put off for a while. An inspiring and powerful presence will support your endeavors and someone charming will get your attention. Don't give in to impulse and manipulative tactics. You can get what you want by being straightforward and clear in your dealings. 

Aquarius: King of Swords: This week you'll have to deal with someone who may appear harsh on you, but he's someone with influence and long reach, who can help you bring your plans into reality. Don't expect emotional support, but expect wise advice and clarity of mind. Fooling this person will be next to impossible and it will backfire too, so make sure that you handle him with care and you will have a very powerful ally.

Pisces: Knight of Wands: You will spend time with someone charming and with a great  sense of humor too. That person will have an unusual way of looking at things and will help you recognize patterns and opportunities that you might have missed. This is probably a temporary friendship that has come to teach you something and stimulate your mind in ways that will inspire enthusiasm and action, but make sure you make good use of it. 

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