Week of February 17 to February 23 2020

Aries: Five of Cups: You may find yourself being manipulated by emotional games and feeling drained and frustrated. Make sure you are not crying over spilled milk and examine whether your frustration lies in the fact that you continuously allow yourself  to be haunted by visions of the past. Leave the past where it belongs and keep in mind that the key to your happiness is into your own hands and not in someone else's pocket.

Taurus: High Priestess: The situation will feel vague and uncertain, primarily because there are things hidden from view or energies that do not seem logical. People will be cryptic and there will be secrets afoot, muddying the waters and making things confusing. On another note, your intuition is strong and first impressions are usually most accurate. Trust that.

Gemini: Strength: There  will be situations that will require some effort on your part, but don't let your fears and negativity get the better of you. You are in a process that soon will bring results, but you have to hold on just a little longer. You have the strength and the resources to face whatever comes up and once the challenge is over, there is magic on the other side.  Being gentle with yourself while you are standing your ground is the way to go now.

Cancer:  Knight of Swords. It looks like things are finally picking up and if there have been delays and stagnation, expect fast and even unexpected developments, especially when it comes to communications. At times you may feel rushed or you will feel like rushing others in an attempt to make progress. The energy of the week is "fast and furious".  Try to remain aware of how your words sound to others as your tongue is sharp now and there can be misunderstandings.

Leo: Seven of Wands. There is something you will have to defend this week. Yourself, an idea,  a relationship or someone else. Prepare for opposition and resistance from several fronts. The fight won't always be fair, but the good  news is that taking a stand will change the energy flow and will take you one step forward. Pick your battles wisely.

Virgo: King of Cups. A man in your life will give positive vibes this week and you will be glad to see that people finally start to behave. Matters of the heart and friendships will be in the spotlight, but now you only care about deep and meaningful connections. Seeing the positive side of relationships will help. Mend bridges, don't burn them.

Libra:  Page of Wands: A new and exciting possibility is coming your way and finally things start shifting. Be it a project or an idea, the urge to take action will be particularly strong this week.  You will start building up momentum finally. Good news about children or young people in your life.  Now is the time to add some fuel to that spark.

Scorpio: Two of Wands. How long are you going to postpone that decision? Deep down you have made up your mind already. This week will ask you to take action on your thoughts, even if things appear to be ambiguous still. The burden of a choice might be heavy, but being in a limbo state won't help you much. Don't bother asking too many opinions, you know what you want.

Sagittarius: Hierophant. Your focus will be on matters pertaining to contracts, higher education, organisations or big companies. Making a commitment to a higher goal seems imperative now. Take a traditional approach, as innovation is not favored at this stage. Keep in  mind that sacrificing your own truth to accommodate someone else's needs won't get you far.

Capricorn: Ace of Pentacles. Something new is coming into your life this week. Expect it to be a tangible thing, a gift, new cloths, money you were expecting or you will finally just decide to start working out or taking that course you wanted for so long. No matter what you decide to do, try to invest well.

Aquarius: Nine of Cups. Cause and effect is one of the basic laws in our universe and it seems that you made some good deeds in the past and now you are going to reap the rewards. You will be satisfied with yourself and with how things turned out but maybe you are feeling a little lonely. That too will change soon, so be grateful for what you have.

 Pisces: Eight of Swords. It's true that at this stage there's a certain situation that causes you to feel like your hands are tied. Yes, you need to free yourself, but there are still obstacles you need to overcome. How to do that? Start by not doing the same things or thinking the same thoughts over and over.

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