Week of February 22 to February 28

Aries: Page of Cups: You will be reflecting on developing an artistic or psychic talent by means of a course or a program of study. Before you invest your time and energy in anything, you need to be sure that there's a chance that it will develop and mature. Messages or communication that you've been expecting will finally come and the news will be good. Don't make long term plans, let situations unfold organically and take slow steps.

Taurus: Strength: You will be able to avoid a roadblock and/or to remove an obstacle and although the time to move forward has not come yet, you will be making plans and preparations for the next stage. A situation requires patience and inner strength, so try not to give in to demands of others and establish strong boundaries by expressing your needs and intentions as clearly as possible. You do have the power to make things happen. Use it.

Gemini: King of Pentacles: There's someone around you who's set in his routine and even if he's slow, he takes stable and methodical steps. That's partly because he wants to keep things as they are, in an orderly manner and partly because he's not ready for any change or initiative. He's putting his responsibilities and plans ahead of his passions, feelings and ideas. What you need to decide is whether you want to invest your energy in this relationship or project, as it's clear that you will be moving at two different speeds.

Cancer: Page of Wands: This week there will be fresh energy and the opportunity for new growth. Things will be moving fast and if you are not alert enough, opportunities may pass you by. There's a chance for fun and stimulating experiences, but short-lived time wise. Try to stay in the moment and with the current energies, avoid making long term plans. Things will be changing and shifting all the time and you won't be able to trust what you see.

Leo: Five of Swords: There's a contrast that if not kept in check it can turn into a full-blown conflict. There's someone who's determined to win and they will use any means to achieve that. There will be much fight for a specific position – personal or professional- and thoughts and feelings are going to be sharp and unkind because none of the parties involved believes that the relationship is balanced or equal. Avoid doing things in the heat of the moment – give your thoughts time to settle down before you act.

Virgo: Judgment: This week you will have to deal with something that 'has to be done'. You may not like it, but the more you postpone dealing with it, the more it will stress you out. Something will be brought into the light and you will suddenly realize that there's something that has been changing your life. It was probably something you knew all along but didn't acknowledge. The good news is that your understanding will allow you to do things differently and to produce more positive results.

Libra: King of Cups: Even if you made some mistakes lately , you will be dealt in a benevolent and compassionate way, as a strong ally seems to be by your side. Energies seem to slow down and there may be some delays or something will get stuck, avoid to rush things. Listen to what is being said and refrain from making hasty moves. A calm and patient approach is necessary. Try to look to the heart of the matter without losing your focus by distractions.

Scorpio: Death: There's a situation that has run its course but you feel scared to face the inevitable. However, life will push you to do what needs to be done and after it's over, not only you will feel relieved, but also you will realize that it was something you should have done a long time ago. Even if there's something that will be lost, at the same time, fresh energy is going to manifest and that will open new doorways and new insights.

Sagittarius: Five of Pentacles: You've been through a rough patch lately and things feel out of balance on many levels. Trying to be part of something that's resisting you, is an indication that you need to change course and look for more balanced situations. Reach out for help if you need to, you may be surprised to see that help will come in ways that you don't expect. Trust that things will soon change, because they will.

Capricorn: Two of Swords: You are putting off making a decision although you know that's imperative in the circumstances. You are at a crossroads and even if things are still unfolding and there's much to be seen, the fragile balance you are trying to maintain will not last for too long. Even a compromised decision will help you move forward than no decision at all.

Aquarius: Temperance: There's a goal you want to achieve, but you know that time is needed. However, if you want to get the best results, it's important that you remain open to new possibilities and also to experiment with different energies. As you keep working on getting the right elements in the right proportion, you will find that life may lead you to a new and more promising direction.

Pisces: Four of Wands: This week you're going to fix or build something positive and then you will enjoy a well-deserved rest, to assess where you are and where you need to go in the future. Acknowledgment of your efforts and a reward is coming your way. Under this stabilizing energy, you will even be able to improve situations and relationships that lately have been unstable or chaotic.

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