Week of February 26 to March 3 2024

Weekly Predictions February 26 to March 3 by Kassie The beginning of the week is marked by a risky period not suitable for financial ventures or bold moves, suggesting potential for impulsive actions without considering consequences. There's mention of a series of events leading to communication issues, transportation or media disruptions, and delays or cancellations in agreements. This period could also bring personal feelings of sadness, disappointment, and misunderstandings. As the week progresses, the atmosphere becomes more positive, indicating a shift towards finding solutions to disagreements and emphasizing the importance of empathy and understanding. March starts with more favorable conditions, suggesting increased opportunities and good fortune in both professional and personal matters, softening the earlier challenges of the week. However, the weekend seems to bring unexpected changes, particularly in romantic and financial areas, indicating sudden breakups or shifts in relationships that felt oppressive. A desire for greater freedom and autonomy in relationships is highlighted, but caution is advised regarding unexpected expenses. See what Tarot says for your Sign this Week!

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