Week of January 11 to January 17 2021

Aries: Temperance: You will be trying to find the right elements to make something happen, as there will be various influences around you and people pulling you in different directions. You will have to choose the right path and the right path is that which brings more balance to your life. Consider using mixed media to achieve a goal but make sure everything keeps a harmonious equilibrium. New energies will come into your life and you will need to experiment.

Taurus: Seven of Wands: You will decide to get involved and take action on a matter, but you should be prepared for opposition as there are those that are not in a accord. You will have to take risks and see opportunities where others can't and you will have to stand up against the naysayers. Don't hesitate to break bonds with those that are holding you back. You are about the enter a new and more productive phase in your life.

Gemini: Hanged Man: There will be a pause or break in a situation/relationship, as you need to gain peace and understanding. Letting go of control is crucial at this point as that's what will offer you a new perspective. The challenge you are now facing is temporary and things are in a transitional stage. Wait to act when things are more crystallized by letting things fall into order on their own. If you attempt to control and put pressure, that will result in even stronger resistance.

Cancer: Three of Wands: A problem that requires a creative solution will come up this week and in order to solve it you must take your plans and talents into the world. Don't isolate yourself, you do need a supportive community at this stage. Make your efforts known and explore your environment. You will find opportunities that you haven't previously noticed. Learn what is going on around you. Communication and traveling will pick up this week and that will spark creative solutions to some of the challenges you are experiencing.

Leo: Justice: You will find yourself in a situation that you'll have to harmonize your needs with those of others and you'll have to do the 'right thing' and for that you may have to negotiate and compromise. Your mind is sharp now and will help you make the right decision. Honor agreements and responsibilities. If you decide to get involved in a dispute, make a point to maintain a detached manner.

Virgo: Eight of Wands: Things will finally start falling into place and now you will be able to purposely direct your energy towards a certain goal. Focus on the object of your desire, as there will be plenty of distractions that will attempt to take your attention away from your aim. There's a certain trend that you need to follow and there will be signs that will show you the way. Keep building up momentum. What you want is about to happen.

Libra: Moon: There's confusion around a situation or a relationship and things are not clear. This is not a good time to make decisions or take action, as there's a push and pull on your emotions and choices are difficult because you are of a divided mind. Proceed in an intuitive manner, trusting your instincts. Work behind the scenes for a while, connect with nature, use natural therapies. If you really need to make decisions choose to 'feel' rather than 'think'.

Scorpio High Priestess: There's a situation that got you thinking but a deeper understanding is still needed. Changes are about to happen and a mutable mode of learning will be required. If someone or something is being vague and confusing, don't hesitate to take a step back and detach for a while. Your dreams will be meaningful – even prophetic- these days, so make sure you are keeping a dream journal. You need a sanctuary where you will feel undisturbed and safe, to prepare for the next stage.

Sagittarius: World: There's something you will have to complete this week, as it's time to close a circle and give closure in your affairs. Being in the right relationship with your environment is crucial at this stage. If you feel that you are not, then it's time to promote greater quality of life for yourself and those around you. Think holistically and try to accept even those energies that seem to be in contrast with what you want. Maybe life is showing you a different direction.

Capricorn: Knight of Swords: You will have to take a stand on a idea that's important for you and there will be discussions, communication and an exchange of thoughts that may cause some contrasts or disagreements. You will probably decide to move on from a situation as things will become more clear and you will find a meeting of minds isn't there and detachment is needed. Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

Aquarius: King of Swords: In order to get things done you need to have a clear picture of what is going on and this week you will get clarity. You will decide to assert your power and take decisive action, especially if you find yourself in an adversarial situation. Even if some may be displeased a no-nonsense mode of thought is needed. Be prepared to take criticism but don't allow emotions to block your objectivity.

Pisces: Nine of Wands: You are involved in too many activities and it seems that this week you will be attracting more! That means you may need to establish boundaries so that things don't get too overwhelming. It's important that you don't let others push you to make decisions or get you into things that you don't feel ready for. Taking on too many responsibilities will make you feel frustrated as you won't be able to fully focus on any of them. Be selective about what you get involved in.

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