Week of January 18 to January 24 2021

Aries: Knight of Cups: There will be passionate and emotional engagement with someone, motivated by the desire to unite and share. A nice gesture will make you feel good and will show you that someone cares. Don't be afraid to take risks in love at this stage -odds seem to be in your favor. It's OK to be open, affectionate and sentimental. Your connections now will be fun and enjoyable. Make a pause and let real-world concerns for another day.

Taurus: Six of Wands: You are about to accomplish a very important goal and you will prove yourself, to yourself and to others as well. You will enjoy a privilege that this position offers and you will get a reward too. If you continue to work skillfully and efficiently, you will find that progress will be fast and others will be supportive. Maintain a winning mindset and do things in the right order. You will get more and more confident, knowing that you have triumphed over some very challenging situations.

Gemini: Ace of Cups: Things have been a little rocky in your personal life lately but you are now given a chance for a new beginning. A nice offer is coming your way and you should consider your options without limiting yourself. Fresh energy is about to come into your life and if you allow it to happen, you will find that you are getting closer to where you really want to be. Reframe your thoughts and try to create a more positive outlook that by extension, will produce a more positive outcome in your personal affairs.

Cancer: Ace of Swords: You have taken on a challenge and your mind is rushing as there's a solution to be found. You have many ideas, but you haven't yet decided how to go about bringing your plans into reality. Map out a strategy and apply the force of your intellect to the situation. Emotions can cloud your vision, so think logically while asserting your own position. Taking action is crucial, even if you have to face some unpleasantness.

Leo: Ten of Wands: There's so much you need to do and you are feeling really burdened. On top of that, there are those who are making strong demands on you. Even if you have to take multiple responsibilities in order to fulfill your obligations, make sure that you are drawing some personal boundaries if you need to. Evaluate which of your burdens serve meaningful goals and try to delegate if you can. Don't take on other people's responsibilities, as that will drain your energy.

Virgo: Eight of Cups: There's a desire to rejuvenate your life by making changes and there's a personal relationship that seems to be holding you back at the moment. Even if you feel the urge to move on, try to make a decision that promotes balance, especially if you are still undecided and you don't want to cut cords altogether. There's a different future that's calling you already, but first you need to decide which direction you want to take.

Libra: Three of Pentacles: Plans, cooperation and sharing will be the vibe of this week and you will decide to bring a variety of different elements into your work or projects. Progress will finally start happening and where there was delay, you will notice that things will start moving forward. Work creatively to maintain a state of natural flow that will lead you to success. Vibes around career and money are getting more positive now.

Scorpio Ten of Cups: A stage has been completed successfully and you will now make a decision about what comes next. A commitment has been formed and you will be creating strong bonds with like-minded people, with the purpose to accomplish a big goal together. Where decisions are concerned you need to think holistically and put the needs of the group first. Honor your relationships, but don't become overly depended on anyone.

Sagittarius: Justice: There has been a lot of ambiguity and hesitation around you, but the results of your past actions, will show you what your next step should be. You are going through a period of adjustments and that means you will probably have to negotiate in order to come to mutually agreeable arrangements, especially if there has been a conflict of interests before. Honor your agreements, even if you feel that some of them weren't the best deals you could get.

Capricorn: Nine of Swords: You've gone through a rough patch, but you are at the end game now and energies are about to change. Your own thoughts are making things difficult for you, but your mind will be set at ease just by having more information and a plan. Make sure that inner criticism isn't making things worse for you as at this stage there will be a tendency to blame everything and everyone – including yourself. You do need some help at the moment – don't hesitate to ask for it.

Aquarius: Seven of Wands: There's opposition to your plans and you will have to stand your ground and defend your ideas. But you know you are right and you know that you can turn the tide in your favor. Let go of the need to justify yourself. Accept that at times it's necessary to go against other people's wishes. At this moment you can only rely on your strength and your convictions.

Pisces: Five of Cups: Thoughts of past events that you consider as failures may create a very unpleasant inner feeling. Even if things didn't go the way you wanted them to go and even if there has been loss, there's also opportunity, change and new beginnings. One of your personal relationships will require your attention and you will have to make some adjustments, especially if you feel that you are getting the short end of the stick. A gentle approach will be the best course of action at this stage.

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