Week of January 4 2021 to January 10 2021

Aries: Four of Wands: A challenge is finally over and you will soon get a reward for your hard efforts. You have established a strong foundation to build upon and like-minded people will come to your aid. You will feel like taking a few days off to recoup and recharge as you need energy for the new stage that it's about to begin. You are going to organize or participate in an important occasion, probably to celebrate your success and achievements.

Taurus: Strength: There will be a difficult moment that you'll have to face and overcome this week, but you will do well, as your determination will be strong and you will be patient even if opposition from others arises. Eventually you will be able to set your own terms and others will comply. It's important to maintain a calm and grounded attitude and you will finally have your way.

Gemini: Ten of Pentacles: Matters of family and property will be on your mind this week and there will be meetings, talks and generally, it will be a busy week with lots of obligations, communications and planning. There will be those who will come to you asking for advice or asking you to side with them, which means that you may find yourself in the middle of warring groups. You will play a crucial role in dissolving a conflict – try to remain fair and grounded.

Cancer: Knight of Cups: There will be romantic energies and good vibrations around you this week. You will receive positive messages and news that will make you feel happy. A person who's close to you will offer their help and someone will make a nice gesture or offer to show you they care. A positive shift will manifest, especially if there has been tension in a personal relationship. News about matters of the heart/relationships will be warm and positive.

Leo: Eight of Wands: You will be receiving messages, emails, phonecalls as communications will pick up and you will be taking rapid action in regards to something that you want done or something you need to know to go forward. You have to remain active so that action can keep happening, without interrupting the momentum, which means that you need to avoid procrastination or taking too much time to think about things. Bold moves are favored under this influence – don't second guess yourself.

Virgo: Temperance: This will be a rather slow week and you will be able to relax, take some holidays, but it will also be a week of mixed energies, so it's possible that you will feel some uncertainty or hesitation when it comes to decisions. That's OK because there will be a situation that will need time to unfold and you will have to be patient, letting things develop organically. The good news is that in the end you will be able to figure out and resolve a long standing issue and the universe will reward you by opening a door that was previously closed.

Libra: Ace of Wands: You will have the chance to make a new beginning in situations that felt stuck, but its potential will manifest only if you take action. Taking action on your thoughts and plans will help you change things that don't go the way you want them to go and will also help to start building up momentum. Change your perspecive and new opportunities will arise.

Scorpio Two of Wands: In order to move forward to the next stage, there's a decision that needs to be made. A choice between two different options or two different persons seems crucial and also unavoidable. Even if you feel that's a big dilemma, deep down you have made up your mind already. You know what needs to be done and what the best course of action would be.

Sagittarius: Five of Wands: There will be power struggles in one of your relationships , but if you think about it, you will realize that you basically want the same thing – it's just that you go about it in different ways which can result in contrasts or even arguments. It's important to understand your role in the relationship, but keep in mind that in order to get what you want, you need to stand out somehow. Try to see this not as a dead end, but as a creative challenge that once confronted will open a door for you.

Capricorn: Chariot: There will be a disagreement with someone with whom there's no meeting of minds, as each one is determined to have their own way. You are in control though, especially if you don't let emotions cloud your vision and remain disciplined and grounded. You know where you want to go and finding common ground will make it easier. You want to keep this connection in your life, but if you keep on pulling in different directions, the rope will break in the end.

Aquarius: Wheel of Fortune: Life will remind you that you are in a position to change things and that you aren't at anyone's mercy. You can't avoid life's shifts, but you can choose to respond in your own truth and integrity. Thing will happen and you may not be able to go back to where you were before, but that's an opportunity to learn through change and to start a new cycle that will be more in tune with your current vibrations.

Pisces: Nine of Cups: You will be happy and satisfied with where you are and what you have achieved and you'll feel more optimistic as positive energies and developments will prove that you are on the right path. Things that you wish for may manifest in ways that you don't expect so try to be very conscious of what you wish for. You will notice that it may take some effort to go from wishful thinking to actually getting what you wish, but a change of perspective will lead you to the right direction.

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