Week of July 12 to July 18 2021

Aries: Hanged Man: Once the action has been taken, all you can do is sit tight. You've done your best by what you think right and now you wait and see. Even though you don't know the outcome, you did the right thing in the moment. Remain still and quiet, employing meditation or prayer to comfort the heart and mind. Although you will get impatient, adopt a passive attitude and think about your options.

Taurus: Two of Pentacles: You may feel a little uncertain as to what the right thing to do is and you may be trying to sustain a situation that you know can't be sustained for too long. Creative harmony is the ultimate goal of the universe and that means we need to know when to drop certain expectations, so that we can find the balance we seek. Hanging on to situations that feel stuck for too long will just generate stagnant energy in your life.

Gemini: Nine of Cups: You are looking for something that will give you inner peace and that can be achieved by making a compromise, enjoying what's already here and lowering your expectations a bit. If you've been blocking your personal expression, that will cause inner tension, but now you have the chance to get in touch with your inner needs and desires. Make it a point to find some time in your day, to do things that are nurturing and enjoyable. In that way you will be able to maintain a harmonious balance.

Cancer: Eight of Pentacles: You will complete a task this week and you will make a success whatever you turn your hand to. That will give you a certain freedom, to pursue whatever course of action you have in mind and there will be others who will support your plans emotionally and in practical ways. This way you may receive funding you’ve been expecting or a commission that will improve your finances. Work with a sense of purpose and you will see that everything is falling into place.

Leo: Six of Cups: Memories of the past will make you smile this week, as you will reconnect with someone you hold dear or you will revisit a familiar place that takes you back in innocent times. Enjoy the positive vibes for a while, but keep in mind that your focus needs to be on the future. If you feel tempted to go back to a previous situation, keep in mind that you will probably experience the same energies as before and decide if that’s what you want for now.

Virgo: Three of Cups: This week you will connect to others in ways that are deep and meaningful and you will have the chance to broader your community one way or another. Turn your attention to pleasurable and playful activities, as that's what will make you feel more alive today. Make your priority to create connections among your own kind of people and don't force things with people that clearly are not on same wavelength.

Libra: Four of Cups: Things are too quiet and even though initially you enjoyed the silence, now you are starting to feel bored. Disinterested and dissatisfied by your options, you can't see how to get out of this rut. Something is being offered to you, but you are so self-absorbed that you fail to see it. Change your perspective and things will change too.

Scorpio: Star: You will receive a message or insight that will guide you to future possibilities and you will soon be able to see a much larger picture. You can get concrete results if you focus on healing and development as positive change starts from within. Having hope and faith will increase the chances of the outcome that you want, so try to maintain a positive attitude.

Sagittarius: High Priestess: There seems to be a message that you are not getting correctly as something is not stated explicitly or you just can't see the whole picture yet. You may need to tune in better, focusing on your inner self instead of listening to outside influences. You can't really understand a situation, if you don't understand yourself. Your wants and needs - even your fears- will show you the way.

Capricorn: Tower: Something will change in the blink of an eye and your perception of things will shift too, as the truth of a situation is finally coming out. Even if energies may feel disruptive, once the dust settles, you will be able to establish new and stronger foundation to build upon. If you think you need to shake things up for change to come, do it!

Aquarius: Six of Wands: There's a situation you want to win and you are thinking about making a move. The move you are planning to make will be well-received, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and not out of selfish needs. There are still some stages before you reach a successful outcome, so be prepared to make some more effort.

Pisces: Ten of Wands: There's a desire to create the most that you can possibly create of a situation, but at times you feel overwhelmed. As a result you are pushing too hard and that will cause resistance and opposition. As long as there are so many conflicting needs, things cannot get stable. Something's got to give. Own your part, but don't take on the burden of another.

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