Week of July 20 to July 26 2020

Aries:  Hanged Man: This is a time of gestation between two different chapters in life. You will feel compelled to take action, but it's best that you sit back and watch the developments. In the meantime, examine your situation from many different angles and you will see things that you were not able to see before. 

Taurus: Three of Swords:  There's a situation that's causing disillusionment and feelings of rejection, but that means you are coming to terms with something painful and you are  learning valuable lessons. Sometimes parting ways is for the better. Growth will follow, because you are finally"getting it or seeing it".

Gemini: Six of Cups: You will be connecting with people from the past and you will visit familiar places as you are longing for 'known' joys. The urge to connect with a past love may come, but before you take action, think if that's really what you want. You could rekindle what was, but you will not be able to create anything new.

Cancer: Emperor: Order is very important in your life at the moment and that's why it's crucial to establish boundaries and build a strong foundation to build upon in the future. Mature decisions will be needed and that involves reigning in your passions too. Make a choice based on what's responsible and avoid impulse moves. Time to show your strength and authority.

Leo: Knight of Cups: A message of love will show you there is light at the end of the tunnel, especially if you are willing to broaden your horizons and to remain open to life's possibilities. Invest your feelings in those who give the right kind of response and reciprocate your love. Which means it's time you cut off the ones that mess you up emotionally, as they are clearly not on the same wavelength.

Virgo: Seven of Wands: Courage and determination can get you what you want, but make sure that you are not stubbornly insisting on something that's not in your best interest. If you find yourself standing your ground just for the sake of it, that means it's time to examine whether your principles and your values have changed. There are advantages in your position - use them.

Libra: Four of Swords: You are going through a phase of unusual calm and tranquility and you are wondering whether this is the lull before the storm. Instead of poisoning your mind with negative thoughts, try to enjoy the peace and take a break. You need to recoup and recharge and the universe is giving you permission for that.

Scorpio Knight of Swords: Even if someone will try to put you in a guilt trip, saying no doesn't make you uncaring or selfish. If you feel that they don't respect your feelings and boundaries, it's them who have the problem, not you. Don't make their issues your own -  keep your energy for more creative and productive endeavors.

Sagittarius: Hermit: Fatigue is pushing you away from people as  you feel the need to take some distance and focus on yourself. That's perfectly fine, as long as you don't act like a martyr or victim of circumstances. There's more in your power than you can possibly imagine. Go within and connect with your true needs.

Capricorn: Eight of Wands: An opportunity will come and it won't wait. You will have to act swiftly and grab it before it passes you by. This will be your chance to make great progress and to focus all your energy on a goal that you want to achieve in a while now. Think on your feet and act quickly. You will now be able to produce extremely positive results..

Aquarius: Knight of Pentacles:Hard work and a traditional outlook is the way to go now. Honesty and responsibility will allow for solid progress. Try to have a methodical approach to large goals so that you don't feel overwhelmed. You will receive good news regarding financial matters, especially those that were stuck for a while. 

Pisces: Six of Wands:  You will contribute ideas to a project or cause and your accomplishments will be acknowledged. You may even be offered a position of leadership as a result of your established reputation and your good standing. Victory is finally within your reach and you will enjoy the positive results you were able to produce. You are now moving on to the next level.  .

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