Week of July 26 to August 1 2021

Aries: Seven of Swords: You will be thinking on your feet, as there's a problem that you need to resolve fast and you will be trying to outsmart competition too. In order to do that you have to think outside the box, analyzing the facts and only then you will be able to formulate a strategy and find a creative solution. If your attitude and plans have not been getting you the desired result then start exploring new methods. Your intellect is sharp now. Use it to take initiative.

Taurus: Nine of Pentacles: You are looking for something that will give you inner peace and that can be achieved by making a compromise, enjoying what's already here and maybe even lowering your expectations for a while. If you've been blocking your personal expression, that must have caused inner tension, but now you have the chance to get in touch with your inner needs and desires. Make it a point to find some time this week, to do things that are nurturing and enjoyable. In that way you will be able to maintain a harmonious balance.

Gemini: Eight of Pentacles: You will complete a task this week and you will receive a significant reward for that. Positive energies will help you make a success whatever you turn your hand to. That will give you a certain freedom, to pursue whatever course of action you have in mind. Work with a sense of purpose and you will see that everything is falling into place.

Cancer: Lovers: You are facing a serious decision, maybe even a dilemma, but before you make up your mind, make sure that you are assessing the situation correctly. Analyze all data, keeping in mind that something that initially appeared like a bad option. maybe prove to be quite positive. Although you are feeling ambivalent, when it comes to making a choice, choose with your heart, not with your head.

Leo: Knight of Swords: Someone around you thinks that they are doing the right thing, but what they're actually doing is that they're acting without thinking about the consequences. Acting on impulse sometimes can be a good thing, but in the circumstances it will probably cause a disruption. Avoid jumping into conclusions and try not to react. Things are still unfolding and you haven't seen the bigger picture yet.

Virgo: Wheel of Fortune: You will notice that a certain cycle keeps repeating and that's because there's a message that hasn't been learned. No situation is here to stay, but there can be many ups and downs before the situation gets stable. If you don't want the same issue to keep coming up, start dealing with it in a different way. Although you can't control fate, you do have control over your actions. Use your free will now.

Libra: Four of Pentacles: Maybe you are feeling a little scared to risk what you have and change seems to be unappealing to you at this stage. That's because you are holding on too tightly to your values and you feel unable to give materially or emotionally. If you loosen the grip, letting go of the outcome you have in mind, you may be surprised to see that another becomes more flexible too.

Scorpio: Six of Pentacles: This is a week to share time and energy as you are about to receive help that will lead to the resolution of a problem. Charitable acts are flavoured and the good energy you give out will come back threefold. If someone has been nice to you, reward them for their efforts. Give credit where deserved, even to yourself.

Sagittarius: Ace of Swords: You know that you have power in your hands, but you don't know how to move ahead with that power yet. Clarity will come soon, especially if you accept the truth as it is and not as you want it to be. Acknowledge your position and say what needs to be communicated. Things will be much easier if you open up communication channels.

Capricorn: Page of Cups: There will be light and cheerful communication with someone you are interested in and you may even proceed to make plans for a romantic date. The situation seems to be in its initial stages and there aren't real plans to make it a relationship yet, but the potential is there. Try to keep a comfortable pace, without forcing or rushing things.

Aquarius: Sun: Confusion is about to end, as new information will come to light and things that were ambiguous will now make more sense. With new clarity, you will be able to make a decision that you've been putting off in a while now. Be transparent in your dealings with others and you'll see that positive energy comes back to you. Heal yourself physically and emotionally.

Pisces: Ace of Cups: A relationship is about to take a turn for the better in terms of understanding or commitment and it will feel like an encouraging new beginning. Even if you feel that the past has a grip on you, try to allow fresh energy into your life and you will notice that shifts will start happening.

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