Week of July 5 to July 11 2021

Aries: Lovers: You are faced by a rather difficult decision, but before you make a choice, make sure that you are assessing the situation correctly. Analyze all data, keeping in mind that something that initially appeared like a bad option. may prove to be quite positive. Although you are feeling ambivalent, when it comes to making a choice, choose with your heart, not with your head.

Taurus: Five of Cups: You haven't been able to realize a plan you had and that makes you feel a little disappointed. Although there is a loss that you need to accept, at the same time, new doorways are opening for you to explore. In order for you to set a new course, you need to replenish your energy first. That way you will avoid making hasty and impulsive decisions. Give yourself some time to recharge and recoup.

Gemini: Ten of Pentacles: Documents and matters of property or inheritance will require your attention this week. You will soon be planning a family meeting that will have the purpose to celebrate an agreement, a union or reunion. A clan can now give you the protection and support that you are looking for. Don't hesitate to connect and share with others.

Cancer: Devil: Someone around you is draining your energy, but you should keep in mind that your energy is your soul power and you need to preserve it as best as you can. If you feel that you can't easily escape an addictive or obsessive situation, know that it's entirely up to you to break your bonds. Make a positive affirmation that will help you strengthen your vibration and create a protective energy shield around you.

Leo: Two of Pentacles: You may feel a little uncertain as to what the right thing to do is and you may be trying to sustain a situation that you know can't be sustained for too long. Creative harmony is the ultimate goal of the universe and that means we need to know when to drop certain expectations, so that we can find the balance we seek. Don't overpursue something or someone that's clearly resisting you.

Virgo: Four of Cups: A repose after a challenge. That's how you should see this week and soon you will find out that your vigilance and restrain will be rewarded. Alliances and friendships are strong now, so don't hesitate to share and connect. Give yourself credit for your success and focus on your emotional well-being. Make the best of this week's passive vibes, so that you replenish your energy.

Libra: Queen of Pentacles: Financial and practical matters will be in the foreground this week and you will be asked to deal with something that you've been postponing in a while now. A slow and methodical approach will bring the desired results, so try not to rush any situations. Take care of your finances, as this is the time to make the necessary changes to create abundance.

Scorpio: Six of Swords: A release of negative energy and tension will bring improvement, as you will decide to move on from an situation that does not serve your best interests anymore. Even if direction is not clear yet, focus and follow through and that will help you see the bigger picture. You will also have allies along the way – make sure you set a common course before you set sail.

Sagittarius: Magician: You are now having the right consciousness to produce the desired results and that will cause you to take the right external actions. An opportunity that will arise now, should not be missed. Everything starts with your thoughts, that's why before anything else, you should be clear on what you want before you take action. .

Capricorn: Eight of Pentacles: A task or project that started in the past will be completed this week and you will make a success whatever you turn your hand to. That will give you a certain freedom, to pursue whatever course of action you have in mind. Work with a sense of purpose and you will see that everything is falling into place.

Aquarius: Nine of Pentacles: At long last you feel that success is within your reach and you will feel satisfied with what you have accomplished. Even if you didn't get the help you expected, the results you were able to produce will make you more than happy. Try to enjoy some solitude now, things will get really busy very soon. This is a time to recharge.

Pisces: Page of Swords: This week you will hear news that you didn't expect and there will be something that might make you question someone's loyalty. Try not to jump into conclusions, as it's important now to be able to discriminate authentic information from malicious gossip. Take everything you hear these days with a pinch of salt and try to confirm your info before you take action on it.

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