Week of June 15 to June 21 2020

Aries:   Five of Swords: Are you trying to control everyone around you demanding that it be in your way? Are you viewing every situation as having a victor and a defeated? Try to take a step back and see what effect you're having on other people's lives. Don't be demanding at this stage. Trying to win at all costs can have consequences that you will later regret.

Taurus: Knight of Cups: Romantic energies and messages will make you feel optimistic these days, but keep in mind that it takes a lot more than love for a relationship to work. It takes communication, understanding, patience, forgiveness  but also the ability to grow - both in yourself and with one another. Love is a good start, but it is never enough to base a relationship upon.

Gemini: Devil: There is a situation in your life that has an undertone of control or even addiction and it's probably not healthy or balanced. That means it could easily get out of hand physically and emotionally. A reluctance to take responsibility can be at the core of this issue. If you are feeling chained, it's time to re-assess the situation and decide if it's serving your best interest.

Cancer: Three of Swords: Something which was hidden will be brought to the surface. Fine print in contracts that you failed to read, intuitive impressions that you chose to ignore, but that means the end of confusion for you, as at long last it will all make sense and  you will be free to make your choices with full knowledge of the situation.

Leo: Ten of Swords: You have become so threatened and trapped by your thoughts and beliefs that you feel as if you are turning to stone. There is a situation that feels dry, stuck and disconnected. But there's a transformation here too. Definitely not what you wanted, but the battle is over and you are free to move in a new direction.

Virgo: Hierophant: You may be believing things that other people tell you rather than checking it out for yourself.  Explore whether that's because you are set in a certain way or attitude as a result of conditioning and whether you are automatically behaving according to what others expect of you. Keep in mind that no one knows better than you what your best interests are.

Libra: Four of Pentacles: You do not want to lose what you have gained so you become preoccupied, even obsessed with protecting your resources, having no fun and perhaps even losing your friends in the process. Let go of greed and selfishness - you may lose some money but gain happiness. If you are clinging to the past, the past must be put behind you - live for today. 

Scorpio: Wheel oF Fortune: Life may well have speeded up and changes may be sudden and exciting. Lots of places to be, things to do and functions to attend . You may find that any relationship you are in is  improving or changing for the better or relationship opportunities have increased all of a sudden. Take the time to enjoy and cherish this period for there is much to be learned about yourself and your life.

Sagittarius: Hermit: You will come to realize that most of your suffering is caused by worrying about the future or just plain over thinking things. You will feel the need to get away, to stop and slow down. Rest your mind, watch your thoughts, be mindful of what your mind is doing to your emotions, mind and your body. Only you alone can take this journey, no one can do this for you.

Capricorn: Eight of Swords: You are feeling like the victim of a situation and that no one understands you and you might have excuses as to why nothing will work and how pointless it is in trying. People around you have already given you good advice and possible solutions to your dilemma but it is doubtful you have listened. There is a way out but first you need to take off that blindfold.

Aquarius: Lovers: One of the lessons that life is giving you at this stage is to learn how to decide You need to examine all sides of a situation so that  you arrive at the best decision for you. Your emotional and spiritual needs should be taken into account, as that's when you will be able to make the most fulfilling choice. 

Pisces: King of Cups: You will find that it is now easier to discipline your emotions and that will bring greater balance in your love life. Even too much of a good thing can easily become overbearing, so try to avoid being aggressive towards another with your emotions, even if you consider those emotions to be loving and caring. Equilibrium is needed. 

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