Week of June 7 to June 13 2021

Aries: Wheel of Fortune: Expect surprises and a change of energies this week. Things that have been stuck for a while will finally start moving and you will find yourself in a very different situation soon. You can't rely on anything for now, give it time for energies to settle down. Embrace change even if it feels uncomfortable at times, even if you don't know where it takes you. Trust that life will lead you where you really need to be.

Taurus: Empress: You are thinking about taking the leadership role in a matter and that's in fact what you should do! You will find that empowering other people and showing them the way, will help you empower yourself too. Step in and take charge, but take care of yourself and your needs as well. Matters related to property or pets will be resolved this week.

Gemini: Four of Pentacles: You feel anxiety about losing something or someone and you are clinging to whatever it is that makes you feel secure. Being anxious and grasping does not guarantee security, on the contrary it drains your precious energy. Relax and loosen the grip and you will be surprised to see that in that way, you are able to produce more solid results.

Cancer: Two of Wands: A business or personal partnership is about to begin and it's important that you establish a fair and balanced 'give - and - take' , an element required for all successful relationships. If balance isn't there, the partnership will be short-lived. Keep your eyes on your goals and don't hesitate to ask for what you are truly worth.

Leo: Eight of Cups: You feel you've had enough and it's time now to put things in order and move on. The problem is that you can't decide what to take with you on your journey and what to leave behind. Don't waste your time with things that aren't aligned with your needs and your higher purpose. A better future lies ahead.

Virgo: Sun: You will find yourself feeling more optimistic than you have in a while and for a good reason. Good news are coming your way and situations that were vague and confusing are now getting more clear and things are making sense. Take time off if you can, connect and enjoy good times.

Libra: Six of Swords: You feel like moving away from someone or something, as there's a situation that seems to have run its course and progress has come to a halt. Some distance is needed so that you decide with a clearer mind what your next step should be. Don't think that you will lose control by remaining detached. On the contrary, you will be able to assert yourself in a more confident way.

Scorpio: Knight of Pentacles: You will receive good news about money or work and you will have to pay attention to the practical aspects of your life. Handling your affairs in an effective way will be imperative now. Keep in mind that “If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves".

Sagittarius: Five of Pentacles: You have a feeling that at this stage life is less than secure. Even if you feel alone, trust that there is always help available when you need it, from forces both seen and unseen. Reach out and you will see your situation shifting. Don't expect others to save you. Only you have the power to change things.

Capricorn: King of Cups: Someone in a position of authority is willing to help you with your plans. As long as you have this person in your team you will get the support that you need to move forward. This is a time to take leadership, but make sure that in doing so, you remain benevolent and compassionate.

Aquarius: Six of Cups: There's something that's about to be renewed - a relationship, a license, a contract - and even though it will be continued, that will be on the same pattern as before. If you want to experience change, you have to start acting differently, introducing new elements to an old situation.

Pisces: King of Wands: You will be able to overcome a disadvantaged start to reach a position of influence and greater satisfaction. For that to happen you need to take immediate action and be strong and assertive. Don't let other people decide for you. Take the situation in your own hands, as that's the only way to make it work for you.

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