Week of March 1 to March 7 2021

Aries: Seven of Pentacles: You will feel a little discouraged as there are delays and slow moving developments and you may even question whether your efforts will produce the desired results. Take a moment to reflect and evaluate your progress and you will see that even if things appear to be moving slowly, your abilities grow and you are developing new skills along the way. Hold on a little longer and you will soon see the first manifestations of your plans being brought into reality.

Taurus: Six of Cups: You will go back to something/someone you love or something/someone you love will come back to you. It appears that you will be given a second chance and although that can make you feel happy and optimistic, make sure that you are not repeating the same mistakes. Reigniting the past can be a good thing, but falling into the same old, unhealthy patterns will just leave you feeling disappointed and regretful.

Gemini: Eight of Cups: There's a need for renewal and letting go of outworn patterns of behavior that have drained your energy. That can be accomplished by being true to yourself and by acknowledging those aspects of your life that does not make you feel fulfilled. You will come the realization that in order for things to move forward, there's something or someone you need to leave behind. And although you may feel sadness, at the same time, deep down you know that something better awaits you.

Cancer: Hierophant: Someone is being stubborn and set in their ways. Yet, they think that they're doing the right thing and they can't be convinced otherwise. Try not to oppose them as that will end up in further resistance and opposition. Coming to an agreement is possible as long as you don't propose things that are too daring or too risky. On another note, if you manage to find common ground, you will see that you have a strong ally by your side.

Leo: Page of Wands: A new plan of action is being formed in your head, but a leap of faith will be required to remove the obstacles from your path. Even if you feel hesitant at the moment, a message will bring news of positive change and you will finally see that things are picking up. Fears will be replaced by enthusiasm and confidence and you will feel ready to take the next step that will open a new doorway for you.

Virgo: High Priestess: Something about your life needs you to be alert for synchronicities and you will be surprised to see that magic appears to be happening. Don't try to explain what is going on. Make a point to think outside the box and trust your heart more than you trust your head. Your dreams will be intense, vivid and even prophetic - make sure you keep a dream journal!

Libra: Empress: Consistency is what will help you get what you want. Growth is about to happen, but make sure you are sticking to the same message. If you change your mind too often, the vibes you will project will be unclear and confusing. Focus on nurturing and positive energies. You are about to give birth to an idea and soon things will get really busy. Prepare yourself for new responsibilities.

Scorpio: Queen of Wands: After a period of setbacks and delays, things are finally speeding up. A female will give you valuable help by sharing her experience, knowledge and connections. Things will get busy, but by examining all aspects of a situation, you will be able to produce the best results. Working efficiently towards a goal is a priority now. Keep a positive attitude and remove those who drain your energy.

Sagittarius: Death: There's an inevitable disruption that you need to face and even though you may feel fearful and stressed you will soon find out that what you've been trying to avoid all this time, will open a magical door that will take you to a whole different dimension. And although things may feel weird in the beginning, you will soon see that you are more aligned with the new reality than with what you were trying to hold on to.

Capricorn: Four of Cups: A tedious routine is starting to get on your nerves and you're wondering when things are going to change. If you see the situation as a trap and a dead end, then you will unavoidably feel irritated and disappointed. But if you see it as a phase of transition and preparation, you may be surprised by the shift that you are going to experience. The current stability, even if it's boring, provides a solid base to build upon.

Aquarius: World: You're about the get the results you were hoping for, but first you need to think holistically. Include as many elements as you can in your work and try to connect with others, as that's what will ultimately allow you to manifest the successful completion of a matter. Long distance traveling or long distance communication may require your attention now. If you've been disconnected lately, it's time for connections to be restored.

Pisces: Ten of Pentacles: You will deal with family or property matters this weeks and there will be issues that will require your attention. You may even find yourself between warring factions and you will be asked to take sides. Keep in mind that in order for relationships to be balanced, giving and receiving must be balanced first. A generous gesture will make you feel secure and supported. When the time comes, don't forget to return the favor.

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