Week of March 15 to March 21 2021

Aries: Five of Swords: You are now in full charge of your mind and you can take back your power from the person or situation that you had given it away to. People that gave the wrong type of response need to be kept at bay so that they get message that they cannot treat you as they used to. Cut off anything that is negative in your life and stand up for yourself if you have to. That's how you will bring about change.

Taurus: Four of Pentacles: There's someone around you who's afraid to risk what he has and change seems to be unappealing to them. That's because they are holding on too tightly to their values and they feel unable to give materially or emotionally. If you loosen the grip and let go of the outcome you have in mind, you may be surprised to see that new options start manifesting.

Gemini: Nine of Wands: You are now building up your strength by standing your ground and in that way, you will have all the power you need to get things done. You are almost at the end game now and a goal you have in mind is now within your reach. Rushing things will be a mistake, so take some more slow steps. Soon you will be able to relax and enjoy the positive results that your hard efforts will have produced.

Cancer: Ace of Pentacles: You will be given the chance to start something new or to put an old relationship on a new basis. Effort and time will be needed for this seed to grow, but it will be worth your effort. This is a time to choose the right options, to work hard and to invest your energy well. Manifesting wheels will be set in motion, the right people and circumstances will appear and the universe will find ways help you move forward. You can now establish a strong base to build upon.

Leo: Ten of Swords: You will come to realize that this is a time to step back and see what's not working, and clarity will guide the way to something much better. Perhaps you have overthought something and you are burned out on it and that's causing lots of mental anguish. It's time for a fresh approach. Over dramatization won't help. Accept what's possible and what's not in the circumstances.

Virgo: King of Pentacles: There will be a supportive influence around you when it comes to matters of property, money or career and soon you will start working towards a big goal. If you need a sponsor or someone to invest in your work, this will be a good time to find one. Make big and long term plans, but try to stay within your means. A prudent approach is needed and patience and good planning will pay off big time. Look for allies that are prudent and methodical and try to avoid risks.

Libra: Justice: There's a situation that seems to be turning out in your favor, especially since you have made hard efforts towards a goal or a plan. Your work is about to pay off as you are exactly where you are meant to be at the moment. There's a divine order that makes things happen – try to trust the process. The only thing you need to do is to be honest with yourself and others. Do what feels right, not what others dictate.

Scorpio: Magician: It's time to believe that you can manifest all kinds of futures and for that you need one only thing: to take action on your plans and ideas. You will be amazed with the results. Don't let others decide for you. Forge your own path and the universe will assist you with opportunities and possibilities. Take an indirect approach and be as diplomatic as you can, even if others try to provoke and get a reaction from you.

Sagittarius: King of Swords: There's someone who seems to be balanced but dispassionate, but that's because they are balancing logic over feelings in all situations. That does not mean they do not feel but it does mean that they will not make decisions based on the heart alone. Their head always comes into play in a major way. Look for acts of service, as that's their favorite way to show love and don't worry if they don't say 'I love you' all the time.

Capricorn: Ten of Cups: There will be a realization of what you want and what it is that fulfills you and once you know that, the universe will start responding to your vibrations in a very positive way, sending people and situations that can meet your needs. You may decide to join a group or community and that may give you a sense or purpose. When all the pieces fall together, enjoy the good moments and count your blessings. Waiting for that big moment when everything will be perfect might make you overlook the good things that are already here.

Aquarius: Page of Pentacles: Soon a learning cycle will begin about matters pertaining the material world and material things like your body and health or money and work. This lesson will help you understand what you really want to have in your life. Once you know what that is and what you want, you will be able to learn how to create it. Don't expect others to make you happy. That's your responsibility.

Pisces: Six of Cups: You will participate in pleasurable social activities and you will start seeing the beauty even in small things Others will now be nicer and more accommodating. Seek out people and places that make you feel safe to be yourself. If you've been disconnected from your deeper needs, this week the urge to find pleasure will be strong. Don't deny yourself joy, do things that make you feel happy as that's how you counter-balance the negativity of these days.

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