Week of March 16 to March 22 2020

Aries:   Four of Pentacles: Your focus is on material issues and material  things. You fear that you are going to experience a loss and that makes you feel anxious. You are holding on to a certain situation or person, but try not to confuse possessiveness for love. You may want to consider that you don't have have the resources to be emotionally generous at this time and that's OK.

Taurus: Six of Wands: There have been obstacles, challenges, delays, but you have stayed on top of all situations and it is now time to reap rewards. Maintain this winning mindset. You are the in the spotlight now and it's easy to achieve your goals. You will feel worthwhile and you will make others realize they are worthwhile too.

Gemini: Page of Wands: You will finally say 'yes' to that new beginning and that's a good thing, because it will bring a whole lot of new experiences and fresh energy in your life. You will find that through this new experience, you are recreating yourself on some level. Trust the magic of this spark.

Cancer: Knight of Wands: You are determined to move forward and fast too. Building up momentum is a good thing and you're on fire now. Just beware, as this energy tends to burn out pretty fast and soon you may feel like changing direction and go after something else. Keep in mind that it's what you do that makes you who you want to be.

Leo: Hanged Man: Something or someone put your life on hold, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. A new understanding will bring you peace, especially if you detach from ego needs and see things from a different perspective. Remember that God's delays are not God's denials.

Virgo: King of Cups:  Your concern for your loved ones will guide the decisions you make, as you will want to protect those who protect you. A male presence will be in the spotlight as he will make a kind gesture that will touch your heart. And even if that won't give you solutions, it will give you the energy to hold on.  

Libra: Six of Pentacles: You will make an important deal this week and that will be the result of hard work and effort.  Someone will be generous with you and you will decide that you too can share some of what you have. Don't act disruptive now, it takes both sides to build a bridge.

Scorpio: Two of Swords: You're wondering if there's a right choice in this situation and probably,there isn't. But you are unwilling to let go of your options, so stalemate continues. Give it some time. In a couple of weeks dynamics will change. Making a permanent decision for temporary emotions is not the wise thing to do.

Sagittarius: Knight of Pentacles: You feel stuck, as if progressed is blocked. Yet progress is there, but maybe it's a little too slow for your liking. Use this slow time to make plans. In hindsight, you will be thankful knowing that nothing was rushed. The results you will get will be solid and long lasting. 

Capricorn: Five of Swords: There is restless energy and the desire to press for change. But there are those who don't agree with you and you are going to meet opposition. That's a battle that you can't avoid, but it's necessary if you want to break away from confining circumstances. But in some cases it's better to lose the argument and not the person. Choose wisely. 

Aquarius:   Lovers: When there's no logical or clear choice, making a decision can be quite a challenge. You will feel tempted to ask for advice,  but keep in mind, that taking advice from those who won't  have to deal with the results is not the way to go. Trust your heart at this stage. It knows things that your mind can't explain. 

Pisces: Justice: You swing the pendulum and it will swing back and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you did good, trust that you will get what you deserve, even if there are delays. At times the universe has to rearrange itself so that both ends receive their fair share. 

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